Canada's booming medical homicide scheme adopts new business model: organ-harvesting

The Chinese Communist Party's disregard for human life is metastasizing thanks to Trudeau's dictatorship.  (Is that really all that surprising, given the Canadian crybaby's adoration for big government subjugation?)  I was kind of under the impression that the world over had taken a hard-line stance (at least verbally) against organ-harvesting?  Apparently not.

Life News journalist Mary Zwicker penned a sobering report, published three days back, shedding light on an alarming trend: the Canadian government is euthanizing its citizens, then procuring and selling their organs...and the numbers will shock you.  From Zwicker:

Transplant Quebec's annual statistical review for 2022 has revealed that organ donations in the province have tripled in the last five years, with a shocking number originating from those killed via Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD). ...

[T]he agency received "a record number" 854 referrals for organ donations in 2022, with a whopping 15 percent of which were sourced from victims of MAiD — a figure that represents a 130 percent increase when compared to five years ago.

Now don't worry — nothing unethical is taking place!  After all, the victims, er, I mean patients consented to the organ-harvesting, er, I mean, donation.

In completely unrelated news, the MAiD program has been plagued by accusations of grotesque abuses: 61-year-old Alan Nichols was put to death with "hearing loss" being the sole justification for euthanasia; military veterans were offered execution as "treatment" for combat traumas; low-income citizens struggling with financial burdens have been killed; and disabled children are now in the crosshairs.

This isn't assisted suicide; it's state-sanctioned murder thanks to a collaborative medical establishment.  Furthermore, for the sake of self-preservation, we should all be ferociously pro–innocent life — it's an arbitrary line that shifts and dissipates at lightning speed when we allow governments the legal latitude to murder their own citizens.  Zwicker includes an articulate observation from Angelina Ireland, the president of a pro-life organization:

"We now must be afraid that the most vulnerable among us will be sacrificed on the altar of 'progressivism,'' stated Ireland. "The poor, homeless, disabled, mentally ill, veterans, minors, [and] unvaxxed, are all at risk."

Ahhhh, the "unvaxxed" — which brings me to a closing point.  Zwicker writes:

MAiD is currently available for the chronically ill as well as the terminally ill, and is set to further expand in March of 2024 to allow those suffering solely from mental illness to qualify.

How long until the same medical establishment that declares infant dismemberment and poisoning as "reproductive health care" and executes the poor to harvest their organs diagnoses those of us who are unvaxxed as suffering from "oppositional defiant disorder"?  After all, the ailment is marked by "uncooperative" and "defiant" behaviors.  Isn't that exactly how they labeled us when we declined the pharmaceutical concoction?

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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