Big win: Idaho parents force would-be groomers to crawl back to the hole whence they came

“Gender-bending” sex pests running around under the cover of the LGBTQ umbrella are terrorists in the fullest sense of the word. They’re hyper-sexualized and mentally-ill adults demanding unrestrained access to children (even those still in infancy!); negotiation is not a viable solution.

In fact, protective parents in southeastern Idaho just handed pro-family Americans the blueprint on a silver platter, showing us exactly how to handle these degenerates: go on the offense and refuse to back down. Interestingly enough, the town is Pocatello, and I actually attended the local university for a bit.

So what happened?

The story was first reported by MassResistance, and the sequence of events went something like this:

On January 17, a group of parents attended a Library Board meeting and read from… obscene books. But they were ignored. One Board member continued to deny that there was any obscene material in the library.

So several parents decided to attend the Marshall Library’s Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) held on January 21.

What they saw was ghastly. It was an attempt to normalize homosexuality and transgenderism in the minds of very young children.

In the aftermath, the parents regrouped, and just five days back on February 11, they took the terrorists by surprise, and secured an impressive victory — one that Americans across the nation ought to emulate.

Initially, the parents had planned to sing hymns in the lobby of the library, but when they arrived just a scant thirty minutes early with Bibles in hand, they were the first ones there — God bless the Judeo-Christian ethos embraced by conservatives which values punctuality! — and occupied the designated meeting room. Per MassResistance, the library director attempted to suppress the activists, but “they weren’t budging, so he gave up.”

But here’s the best part:

As the event was about to begin, the director came back and asked some of the activists to give up their seats, so that the parents (?) with children in the lobby could come inside. Not one of our activists budged! There were several children who had been brought to this DQSH event. But none of them could get in.

The Drag Queens read LGBT children’s books and sang songs…. But they ended it early and left.

We’re told the movement isn’t about sexualizing children, but rather about “inclusivity” and “gender expression” — yet the LGBTQ activists shut it down early when they concede they’ve lost their audience of tots?

That right there affirms what we’ve been saying all along. This is peaceful disobedience at its finest.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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