At Burisma, Hunter Biden traded on the family name to help a Serbian who wanted to run the United Nations

Apparently, there was no bottom to what Hunter Biden would do to make his buddies at Burisma happy.

One of them wanted to run the United Nations.

That brings us to Chuck Ross's latest Washington Free Beacon report about Biden Junior's bid to help a Serbian associate make his dreams of becoming the United Nations secretary-general come true.

He writes:

Hunter Biden enlisted then-vice president Joe Biden's national security adviser to help with a Serbian business partner's campaign to become secretary general of the United Nations, a scheme that is now drawing scrutiny from the House Oversight Committee as it attempts to piece together Hunter Biden's web of foreign business dealings.

Hunter Biden arranged a meeting in July 2016 for Vuk Jeremic and Colin Kahl, a Pentagon official who served as then-vice president Joe Biden's national security adviser, emails from Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop show. Jeremic, an energy executive and former Serbian foreign affairs minister, was at the time looking for American support in an upcoming vote for secretary general. Jeremic recounted that Kahl, who is now undersecretary of defense for policy and an amateur DJ, "promised" to find out more about the election.

While Jeremic's bid for the top United Nations post was unsuccessful, his ties to Hunter Biden could shed light on the troubled presidential son's foreign business dealings. Rep. James Comer (R., Ky.) inquired about the link in a letter to Biden on Friday as part of their sprawling probe into the Biden family's activities in Ukraine, China, and elsewhere.

Hunter's Burisma ties to this influence-peddling operation came about in 2014 because Jeremic had a directorship at Mexico's PEMEX state oil company, and Hunter, on the board of Burisma, was "involved in discussions" for a partnership between the two companies.  The revelations were revealed on Hunter's abandoned laptop.

One can only imagine how that conversation must have come about amid the deal-making — can you throw in a good word for me for your dad for me to run the United Nations as part of this partnership so we can sign the deal on the dotted line?

Obviously, Hunter was asked for a favor, and sure enough, Hunter did the favor.

Whom Hunter got the Serbian the appointment with is worth looking at, too: one Colin Kahl, who served as Joe Biden's "national security adviser" during his vice presidency and who has since been implicated in a slew of dirty tricks during the Trump administration.  Now that he's ensconced in power as the Defense Department's undersecretary for policy as part of the Biden administration, he's been involved in some mind-blowing incompetence as the number-three guy at the Pentagon.

A couple examples of it, the first of which I summed up earlier:

His appointment to the number-three spot in the Pentagon, responsible for military-civilian affairs, last year was approved in Congress with zero Republican votes.

He not only was rejected by the GOP House members because of his foul-tempered tweets, but had been the architect of the God-awful Obama-era Iran deal, which empowered the mullahs of Iran to pursue their nuclear weapons and made them cash-rich and happy.  Like Joe Biden, whom he was "advising," Kahl had a horrible history of calling every foreign policy shot wrong, and he surpassed his record for that as he settled into his defense job.  Kahl became the policy author of the Afghanistan pullout.  He was the one who failed to plan for evacuating Americans (detailed here), leaving 9,000 Americans behind; he was the clod who ignored intelligence warnings of a mass casualty attack on one of the gates to Kabul Airport, which left 13 service members dead; and he may have been the bright bulb who decided to pull civilians out only after the military had departed the country.

The Washington Free Beacon details his incompetence here.

More recently, there was this from the Washington Examiner's Tom Rogan, dated Thursday:

In an interview with Defense News this week, Kahl offered extraordinary overconfidence that China will not attempt an invasion of Taiwan within the next two years and likely far further into the future. This bears note because U.S. military and intelligence officials increasingly do believe that Xi is likely to order an invasion before this decade is out, possibly before 2027. Their assessment is vested in intelligence reporting and comprehensive political and military analysis.

Kahl, however, is unconcerned.

"I don't see anything that indicates that [an invasion] is imminent in the next couple of years," Kahl said. Identifying China's investment in capabilities and strategies designed to counter the U.S. military within the waters west of Taiwan, Japan, and the Philippines, Kahl added, "I see nothing that indicates Xi Jinping believes his military is ready to do this. Nothing."

Nothing? That's a very bold statement for someone who holds an office that must wager against unknowns. But Kahl was just getting started. Describing Beijing's calculations, Kahl observed, "I think that they understand well that the United States continues to have pretty significant overmatch in a lot of critical domains."

So Hunter's go-to guy for guys who wanted political favors, such as U.S. support for the United Nations secretary-generalship, was Colin Kahl, dirty trickster extraordinaire, and a guy whose global-scale failures of U.S. foreign policy, ranging from the Iran deal to the Afghanistan pullout to the current China fiasco, are never good enough to get him fired.

Maybe this congressional investigation ought to do it, though we won't hold our breath.  As I argued in my piece earlier, wondering why the heck this guy still had a job: 

The only thing we do know is that Biden isn't keeping this clown on staff for his talents.  He obviously has some other purpose.  

Obviously, Kahl may know a lot of secrets about how the Bidens operate, ensuring that his job will always be secure.  That may be a good deal for him, but it's a horrible deal for the country, far more horrid than Hunter's bid to make a Serbian oil buddy the chief of the United Nations.

One thing is sure now: Hunter's influence-peddling extended in many directions, and it's not just Biden who may be implicated.  "The big guy" seems to have had a lot of minions.

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