Arizona voting patterns challenge the Democrats' 2022 election narrative

Did Trump-endorsed candidates really lose in Arizona? Currently, the debate is about specific acts of election interference in Maricopa County. However, looking at election patterns across Arizona, there’s a compelling argument to be made that Trump did not lose Arizona and that only chicanery can account for Maricopa’s gubernatorial and other high-office outcomes.

Kari Lake has been busy assembling evidence showing that Arizona’s 2022 November election was manipulated in the statewide races thanks to shenanigans in Maricopa County. However, it’s easier to understand the corollary evidence for this accusation, which lies in the simple reality that, statewide, Arizonans voted for House Congressional Republican candidates by a large margin—56.4% to 42.8% over Democrats. This can be attributed to the fact that Arizona’s nine Congressional Districts are spread across the state, and many are fully or mostly out of the jurisdiction of Maricopa County elections. (The same spread is true for the Arizona House of Representatives election.)

The Arizona 2020 election sent five Democrats and four Republicans to the US House of Representatives. After redistricting and the 2022 elections, Arizona voters flipped those Representatives to six Republicans and three Democrats. Somehow the media and the Democrats (different labels for the same people) do not acknowledge this, while incongruously and loudly cheering Arizona’s turn from red to purple.

Image: Kari Lake. YouTube screen grab.

The Democrats won four statewide offices in the Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, and US Senate races, most by very narrow margins. How can this happen when Arizona overwhelmingly voted for Republican Congressional candidates by nearly 14% while Republicans still maintained control over both branches of the Arizona Legislature?

Against this backdrop, it makes sense to look at the numerous shenanigans that deliberately corrupted the vote in Maricopa County, home to 63% of Arizona voters:

1. Chain of custody issues concerning nearly 300,000 ballots.

2. Nearly an equal number with mismatched or phony signatures estimated in mail-in ballots.

3. Printers having issues on Election Day causing long delays in in-person voting estimated to favor Republicans by 3:1. Testimony was given in a court hearing that these printer issues could only be caused intentionally and were found mainly in Republican-leaning areas.

Further, Stephen Richer and Maricopa Board of Supervisors Chair Bill Gates showed their political animus against the MAGA movement by backing a Political Action Committee to oppose Trump supporters.

Additionally, the Democrat candidate for governor was none other than Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs overseeing her own election. Hobbs threatened to sue Cochise County before the election for proposing an honest hand count of ballots. Her office further threatened felony charges against the Mohave County Board of Supervisors for holding back on certification of the 2022 election due to concerns about election integrity.

The two Republican Congressional House candidates that flipped districts blue to red were both endorsed by Trump while Trump endorsed candidates narrowly lost in statewide races corrupted by Maricopa County. So, did Trump really suffer losses in Arizona?

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