American Thinker is at the top of the list for this California honor

An internet site that curates lists of hundreds of thousands of blogs and podcasts, which allows others to find information they seek or markets they wish to mine, has put together a list of the top California conservative blogs. We’re proud to say that American Thinker came in at number one and did so against some very admirable and impressive competition.

Feedspot bills itself as the “Internet’s Largest Human Curated Database Of Bloggers And Podcasts,” providing information about “250K Bloggers, Podcasters and Youtubers in 1500 niche categories.” It turns out that one of those categories is “California Conservative News Websites” and…American Thinker got the winning position:

(I should add that we neither promoted our website nor sponsored the list.) The only thing with which I’d quibble is that the information for our site seems to say that we put up 29 posts per week. In fact, we put up 147 posts per week.

What’s especially flattering about the list is that we were ranked above five other conservative sites that we respect. In order, they are,

In a larger field of all conservative news websites, American Thinker, which is anything but a heavily staffed media giant, still managed to rank at 34 out of 61. That’s not inconsequential when one considers that we were competing against such heavy hitters as Fox News, the New York Post, The Hill, Breitbart News, and the Daily Caller (to list the top five curated winners).

We recognize, of course, that we didn’t win the Nobel Prize (when it still meant something) or some over-produced, televised media contest, so (luckily for you) we’ll spare you the long speech and promise not to thank every single person in our orbit. Nevertheless, we American Thinker regulars are grateful for the honor…and we’re especially grateful to the volunteer writers who submit their work for publication. It is they who give American Thinker its rare depth and breadth.

UPDATE: Some readers have pointed out that we appear to be ranked at No. 2, not No. 1, when they click on the link. I'm at a loss to explain that because, as the screengrab in this post shows, we are in the No. 1 slot, something I can confirm when I click on the link. It's very strange but, whether we're in first place or second, it's an august list, and we're honored to be there.

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