A WEF paradise: You eat bugs, bugs eat you

The WEFers have a problem on their hands.  Although they want a drastic reduction in the Earth's population, providing final care will, especially via natural gas or electric cremations, cause significant carbon emissions.  A gas cremation will release anywhere from 284 to 568 pounds of carbon dioxide per person.  Furthermore, the fuel required for the average cremation is comparable to putting 29 gallons of gas in your F-150.  When you start multiplying these numbers by the numbers they want gone, you might just melt the polar ice caps if you aren't careful.

Recently, "green burials" have been introduced in order to mitigate these offsets.  With a green burial, a body is neither cremated or buried, but simply placed in a biodegradable coffin and interred without a concrete vault.

But what if there were a more efficient way of handling these offsets?  It turns out there is.  Both mealworms and crickets will eat human remains.  What's more, it's a free food source.  Did I say free?  I meant people will pay a fee to drop off their free food source right to your door.  Right now, mealworms are prohibitively expensive.  I can get a five-pound bag at Tractor Supply for $49.99.  Only the rich can afford mealworms, but they don't seem to be buying them.  Cricket powder is even worse.  I can get a one-pound bag at Amazon for $36.99.  You have to have expensive tastes indeed. 

If producers had a free and steady supply of food for their bugs, just think how the prices would fall.  There would not be a person in the world that could not enjoy the healthy benefits that eating mealworms and crickets provide.  You could even pour some of the powder in a ceremonial urn for sentimental value.

This is the sustainable future your rulers might just love for you.

Image: Steve Harris via Flickr, CC BY-SA-NC 2.0 (cropped).

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