A trip to Huntsville was an eye-opening experience, but left me with questions

After eight years in the barren and brown Tucson desert, I missed the rain and the change of scenery brought by seasonal changes. Plan A was a return to my childhood home, the Portland area of the Pacific Northwest, but that was DOA as it’s been consumed by Marxists with their lawless and degenerate culture. Plan B was a move to the South — I’ve been in Tennessee ever since.

For some context: as long as I can remember, Portland has always had a homeless population; although it was never what it is now. (I kid you not, during a 2021 visit, my brother, who still lives in the area, had to dodge bums as they staggered across the freeway on-ramp as if they were cones on a driving course.) Tucson is no different than the “progressive” Portland — maybe even worse given its proximity to the border — it’s chock-full of drugged-out delinquents. Suffice to say, shoeless zombies and filthy public spaces aren’t a novel sight.

Now, earlier this month, my family and I took a weekend trip to Huntsville, Alabama, which is only a couple of hours from where I currently live. You know what was a novel sight? Pristine, bum-less parks. See the pictures below:

Author's image

Author's image

Okay, so around that very body of water is where it all went down…. As we stood there feeding the ducks, another family approached. The two children lingered, watching us enviously, so we offered to share the bread we had bought (I know I know, you’re supposed to buy the duck food from the vending machines). The air was immediately tense, and the mother didn’t smile — instantly I made a hasty conclusion about her political beliefs, then corrected myself for making such an irresponsible assumption. Turns out I was right on the money.

She reluctantly allowed her children to accept some bread slices, so we got to small talk. They actually lived in the Huntsville area, but said they desperately wanted to move. Naturally, I asked why, to which she replied verbatim, “I’m so sick of being surrounded by conservatives.”

What a quizzical thing to say, right?

My mind ran through a litany of questions:

What do you hate most? Immaculate and hygienic public spaces?

Does it upset you that any attempts to expose your children to hyper-sexualized and mentally ill adults would be met with disapproval, or even righteous indignation?

Are you annoyed that conservatives promote a culture of Judeo-Christian decency, expecting you to be a moral and contributing member of society?

Or, are you just that much of an unthinking virtue-signaler that you jump on any emotional bandwagon that happens to ramble past?

I asked where she would like to move; of course, her dream was a Democrat hellhole, but unfortunately, “everything is too expensive” and she “couldn’t afford” to leave. She lamented the fact that finances would eventually force a move closer to family in “rural Virginia” and sarcastically noted she’d be “stuck” with conservatives once again. Trust me lady, you’re not stuck with us, we’re stuck with you. (There’s a reason we compare leftism to malignant cancer.)

I’m no economist, but without some sort of tangible and valuable item to back up a paper currency, paper money is just paper. It’s easily inflated, especially when you have a corrupt central bank and a political class that spent us into a $32 trillion hole. This is why we conservatives preach fiscal responsibility and a limited government — we want prosperity for all Americans, ergo, why “America First” was such a successful slogan. I vaguely recall something about “general Welfare” and “Blessings of Liberty” being mentioned somewhere….

When I told her I was in fact, one of those conservatives she hated so much, the conversation abruptly ended. Maybe a move to Huntsville next is in order?

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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