A newly discovered writer, Josiah Lippincott, shows the GOP what to do

Our country's faux-conservative Republican politicians have failed to preserve the principles our Founding Fathers established as the bedrock of this nation.
How often have we put our faith in leaders who might say the right thing yet do all they can to backstab anyone attempting to right the conservative ship of state? Conservative pundits have not been shy about cataloging the nations' ills. While also labeling much of what ails us, one writer has provided insight into the causes of our troubles and also offers solutions.
Josiah Lippincott, a former Marine officer, and current student at the Van Andel School of Statesmanship at Hillsdale College, has suggested a conservative and spiritual way forward for America.
In an article for American Greatness, he rightly identifies the success of the communist left in the U.S. as based mainly upon a successful attempt to affect our nation's demographics through legal immigration policy.
The large influx of immigrants from Latin American and Asian countries, who have voted overwhelmingly for Democrats since their arrival, has altered the character of the country.
While the right brays hysterically about illegal immigration as the root of the problem, the problem is not just illegality, it is immigration itself. The Democrat coalition in fact has gone about creating majorities of individuals who have arrived on our shores by legal means.
Lippincott opines that without legal immigration as practiced today and for the last half century, we would not be in the decline we face today. Thinking that merely restricting immigration to what we term 'legal' will ensure the maintenance of good old-fashioned American values is folly. He believes that vision of the right is a 'pipe dream wired to a pipe bomb.' Our Constitution has been more undermined by legal immigration than it has been by illegal immigration. The communist left has seized this opportunity to manipulate demographics to their great advantage.
Lippincott describes the American communists (the left) as being similar in thrust and direction to their old Soviet forebears, but instead of dividing the population into warring haves and have-nots, they choose to divide by race.
Our educational institutions have become this new communism's 'Red Guard.' They continually call out the exploitative white patriarchy, and have been so successful and persuasive that members of that white society often find themselves donning a hair shirt and prostrating themselves before those they have supposedly oppressed, those of black -- the established African-American population, and brown -- those new immigrants and others similar in complexion -- skin.
Resistance results in the cancellation of those not avidly embracing their label of oppressor, and those unfortunate 'cancelleds’ are driven into oblivion.
But these new communists, these individuals holding the country hostage to their racist ideology have, according to Lippincott, what we should see as a fatal flaw, a flaw certain to bring them down if exploited properly. They are not willing to kill those who oppose them. As long as we foolishly play along with their little racist games, there is no need for them to consider slaying the opposition in the manner of Stalin, Mao, or other communist tyrants. The writer believes the communist left lacks the will to slaughter the opposition even if the opponents fail to submit to their demands. More likely, they fear the consequences of the Second Amendment and know they would suffer more harm than they could cause.
Lippincott calls upon the white middle class—straight, white married, gun-owning, Judaeo-Christian men and their wives and allies, like the Black ‘white supremacist’ Clarence Thomas and others like him who are the backbone of not just the conservative movement but of the country itself, to band together. He urges that when the left makes idiotic demands of submission, we must answer with “Come and make me!”
To have a real country, we will have to fight. Simply attempting to ‘make rational policy, ’ Lippincott believes, will not suffice. In the end, he feels it is all the same in that guiding a corrupt system is little better than being guided by it. We must fight Utopian and tyrannical communism wherever we find it, and again, we must not submit. We must tear it down and rebuild the nation by the principles intended by our nation’s founders.
Lippincott calls for daily prayer and constant vigilance. This spiritual warfare and refusal to submit to the left’s insanity are the only hope we have of a return to greatness.
In Lippincott, we have found a voice for which we have been yearning and searching. I look forward to more from him.
Bill Hansmann is a dentist and dental educator with over fifty years in the profession. He continues to teach and write political blogs and semi-mediocre novels while living with his wife and cats in Florida.
Image: Pixabay, Pixabay license.
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