A Heaphy-handed Jan. 6 lead investigator tells all, or at least too much

One of the arguments raised in opposition to the bona fides of Nancy Pelosi's Jan. 6 Select Committee (to end our two-party system) was its apparent lack of a legitimate legislative purpose.  This argument is proved unpersuasive with federal judges caught up in the leftist narrative that the events of January 6, 2021 at the Capitol were the greatest assault on country since — Pearl Harbor, the Civil War, the burning of the White House in 1814 — name your particular horrible.

Now along comes Timothy J. Heaphy, lead investigator of the Pelosi partisan panel, in colloquy with Luke Broadwater, New York Times print edition, February 20, to acknowledge: yes, the committee's proceedings were more akin to a sitting grand jury than a congressional hearing — and, later in the interview, apparently deciding to "kick over the traces" (in the marvelous phrase of the late Yale law constitutional scholar Alexander Bickel) to assert, "Hearing is not the right word for what we did.  We called them hearings, but they were presentations more than hearings."

For what purpose?  Clearly not for the purpose of legitimate legislation.  Clearly for the partisan purpose of preventing Donald J. Trump from seeking a second term — with the added aim of crushing the Republican Party.  Briefly stated, rulings by federal judges upholding the validity of Pelosi's partisan panel amounted to topsy-turvy justice, with the blindfold stripped from the eyes of Justice and the scales tilted way, way over to the left.  How sad.  How deplorable.  How undermining of democracy.

Heaphy and Broadwater even were bold enough to boast how they leaked the quasi — and improper — grand jury testimony to the media for dissemination to the public to (my take) influence prospective jurors against Jan. 6 defendants.  In Broadwater's interview, Heaphy is quoted: "there were days when we would interview a witness and literally 30 minutes later, there's Luke Broadwater [emphasis added] on TV saying the select committee interviewed the witness."  Consider the post–Jan. 6 committee braggadocio: Heaphy telling Times propagandist Broadwater how he, Broadwater, pierced the secrecy of the Jan. 6 proceedings, which were not really hearings at all!

In his conversation with Broadwater, Heaphy referred to Pelosi's witch-hunting panel as a "select committee" but refrained from calling Broadwater's attention to the irony of the term "select committee" —Pelosi having personally selected all committee members, including the two Republicans, who were as virulently opposed to Trump as were the seven Democrats.  Pelosi would have it no other way.

Heaphy concludes with the ironic comment: "I didn't fully appreciate sometimes how fragile democracy is."  Next he stated the Big Lie that I will here redraft: "I never comprehended how a relatively small number of people, putting a lie-driven narrative above principled application of congressional hearings, could have subverted the notion that 'No Person Is above the Law,' into the totalitarian concept: 'The law is whatever we leftists say it is.'"

If Heaphy were truthful, he would have ended his remarks with this added observation: "Thank our heavy-handed stars, the Republicans don't have a representative willing to stand in the well of the House and, in the manneer of an Emile Zola, point a finger at Democrats, and begin a speech full of facts, and say, of the Jan. 6 Select Committee cum grand jury: "J'accuse..."

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