You may not care about woke speech, but it cares about you

This story is a couple of days old, but it still matters enough that it’s worth looking at now: North Carolina State football announcer Gary Hahn was suspended indefinitely for referring to “illegal aliens.” That he dared to mention their existence and refer to them by their legal nomenclature was a bridge too far for the wokesters at NC State. It’s also a reminder that the left is relentlessly limiting the parameters of what we’re allowed to say.

The term “alien” to describe someone who is not a citizen of the United States is an old one, going back to 1798 when it appeared in the Alien and Sedition Acts. More than 200 years later, it is still the term used in Title 8 of the United States Code, entitled “Aliens and Nationality.” One who is not a citizen and who has no legal right to be here is, by definition, an “illegal alien.”

To call people who violate American laws to enter this country anything else (e.g., “migrants” or “undocumented immigrants”) is a fraud by omission, as both terms are intended to obscure the person’s criminal conduct in entering the country. But of course, that’s exactly what leftists want to do: They want Americans to forget that the people streaming into America without abiding by any of our laws are just innocent people seeking the American dream—a dream propped up by our taxpayer dollars in the form of the benefits the government showers upon them.

Image: Frightened woman (edited) by kues1.

The RNC may not be good for much, but the person in charge of its Twitter feed is doing his (or her) job and has assembled a decent collection of tweets showing the scope of aliens crossing into America at the southern border:

By the way, as a throw-in regarding the Democrats’ attitude toward our border, I thought you should see this one, even though it’s not directly related to this post’s topic:

As I said, I just thought you should know….

When it comes to those millions of people streaming across the border, only some of them are getting official “migrant” designations conferring some measure of legality on them. A December 2022 Daily Caller investigation indicates that at least 600,000 people are known to have evaded the “migrant” process at the border. That is, they are “illegal aliens.” Given the scale of people streaming into America, it’s not unreasonable to believe that at least twice that number (or more?) are here entirely illegally.

So, illegal aliens are a real, statutory creature and, in addition to the tens of millions in America before Biden entered the Oval Office, we now have the burden of hundreds of thousands, or perhaps millions, of new illegal aliens.

But the truth doesn’t matter when you’re a play-by-play announcer at North Carolina State. To allude to the semi-legal and illegal aliens turning nice, clean, polite El Paso into a hellhole is a firing (or at least suspending offense):

Hahn spoke the truth (albeit slightly snarkily, which used to be typical for sports announcers). Just remember, whatever you do, don't offend the illegal aliens.

The Bible tells us that “the truth shall set you free.” (John 8:32.) No wonder, then, that the truth is the last thing the Democrats want for Americans. Freedom is not on the agenda.

For a long time, the vast middle in America thought that it could sit out the woke assault on speech. After all, these Americans reasoned, they weren’t hurling crude insults at foreign nationals or gays. What they didn’t realize is that the point isn’t what they say; the point is to silence them entirely by limiting what they are allowed to say. Because while you may not care about the woke speech police, they care about you.

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