Why was Biden allowed to visit the crime scene before the search for evidence was complete in the classified documents scandal?

Make no mistake: mishandling classified documents is a crime, even when unintentional under the standard of “gross negligence.” That makes Biden’s lakeside Wilmington, DE mansion (that once belonged to a DuPont family branch) a crime scene. And the latest news that an unspecified number of classified documents (not necessarily only 6 despite widespread reports) were discovered Friday means that it was an active crime scene last weekend when Joe and “Dr. Jill” were allowed unsupervised access to their home there.

Scene of the crime (YouTube screengrab)

I am not a law enforcement expert, but elementary logic suggests that allowing a potential suspect access to a crime scene before an investigation is complete risks all kind of mischief, including destruction of evidence.  

At best, this constitutes gross negligence on the part of the Department of Justice investigators. And that is being very charitable, particularly given the treatment afforded President Trump at his Mar A Lago residence, where his lawyers, unlike Biden’s, were not allowed to view or participate in the search conducted under humiliating and public circumstances.

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