Why do private charities such as Tunnels to Towers and Wounded Warriors even need to exist?

Following the recent passage of the $1.7-trillion omnibus spending bill by our Congress and the subsequent signing of it into law by our president, details of this massive spending frenzy were provided by Rep. Dan Bishop (R-N.C.)'s office. 

Thankfully, Congressman Bishop and his staff were able to provide the citizens of our country with details on the 4,155-page out-of-control spending bill, highlighting such things as $3 million for "bee-friendly highways," $50 million to research North Atlantic Right Whales, and $410 million to "remain available to Reimburse ('Reimburse'?) Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt Tunisia and Oman for enhanced border security (what?!)."

Simultaneously, we all continue to see ads on television soliciting donations for Tunnels to Towers and for Wounded Warriors. 

For those of you reading this who are unaware of these reputable organizations, simply put, they provide support and specialty mortgage-free housing for many of our wounded and disabled former members of our military — our national heroes. 

If not for the successful leadership of Frank Siller (Tunnels to Towers) and Mike Linnington (Wounded Warriors), many of our disabled soldiers, sailors, airmen, and their families would be saddled with unimaginable additional challenges and financial stress throughout the remainder of their lives.  Thankfully, these two organizations, in addition to others, exist through the continued support from thousands of private citizens. 

So, the question is "Why?"  After our Congress and president just spent $1.7 trillion, why do these organizations have to exist at all? 

Obviously, the money is there for all sorts of things. 

Why do private citizens need to provide this type of support for our disabled heroes?  After all, support to these organizations, through monetary donations, is coming from those who are already over-taxed (see the $1.7-trillion tax bill!).  Where is the support from our Congress?  Where is the support from our president?

Seeing nothing in a $1.7-trillion tax bill that would provide the type of support that is provided by these two organizations, among others, for our disabled military heroes is not only wrong, but beyond nauseating!  A small fraction of this spending-spree bill, directed to these two organizations, would have had an amazing, positive impact on what could be done for these heroes. 

Without this support, every member of Congress who voted for this spending spree, and our president who signed it, is nothing more than just another disgusting politician. 

For all of you who fall into this category, you have found it to be worthwhile to provide billions to Ukraine and countless other pet spending projects, but not to your own disabled military (without whom you would not even exist!)? 

My question to those of you is — "you're grown men and women — what's wrong with you?"  Thank God (yes, God!) for these organizations, because we certainly can't thank God for most of our politicians.

Image: Virginia State Parks via FlickrCC BY 2.0.

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