Why China will not be admired, trusted, and respected in the long run

As long as China remains under the strict control of the Communist Party of China, or an elite group of rich, censorious oligarchs, China will never be trusted by most of the world as a nation which abides by any treaty or economic agreements that it makes.

This lack of trust is why China's yuan will probably never replace the U.S. dollar as an international currency in the near future.

China will learn the hard way that bribing a country’s politicians, or United Nations officials, and business leaders, is not a guaranteed way of maintaining influence over them in the long run.

China's military might may succeed in influencing some ethically weak, tyrannically prone world leaders in the short run, but in the long run, Xi Jinping's type of Chinese leaders will suffer the same fate as Vladimir Putin, whose military embarrassment in Ukraine has come about because of  its corrupt government and correspondingly corrupt military establishment.

China is already suffering economically with many foreign businesses leaving the country, a fast declining birth rate which portends future labor shortages, and short-sighted laws which have made a housing crisis a major headache with huge corrupt builders having to get government subsidies to avoid bankruptcy. With real estate being the only allowed primary investment for China's citizens, this is a major blow to the economy since it comprises about 30% of China’s GDP or gross domestic product. One side effect of this has been a drastic decline in the country's steel industry.

Big government central planning is a disaster in the long run as China's zero-COVID policy is testimony.

Huge lockdowns of major cities throughout China have resulted in unexpected serious employment and manufacturing disruptions, an inability to shop for basic food necessities, and even death from fire in one case, in an Urumqi apartment where all the doors had been locked under quarantine. This policing policy finally resulted in mass protests with some protestors actually shouting "down with the CCP" and "down with Xi Jinping."

The CCP finally cracked and decided on an open COVID-19 response instead, which has now begun to disrupt and overwhelm the hospitals and affect employment with many COVID-infected workers.

China is notorious for ignoring intellectual property, spying on businesses, making cheap knockoffs, and selling them worldwide. These unethical practices don't always work as well as they think they will work. Surprisingly, China tried to make a knockoff movie of the American blockbuster Top Gun- Maverick for a Chinese viewership which became a colossal embarrassment for its poor quality plot with terrible video effects and lousy propaganda.

China may be good at stealing vital information but there is no guarantee that copies of the original will be very useful when filtered through Chinese propaganda and a dearth of innovative spirit which comes from a questioning, creative, experimental mindset. Most fearful, ideologically indoctrinated Chinese do not have that.

The income inequality in China is much worse than what's seen in the United States. Chinese farmers, to take one example, have a very low standard of living compared to middle class city dwellers. China's food security is constantly in jeopardy and the country's fishing fleet even resorts to stealing seafood from foreign coastal waters thus endangering the fishing ecosystems of the world. Rivers and lands suffer from very lax enforcement of pollution rules.

Many western and world elites were initially enamored of Chinese prosperity and growth into a world power economically. Some delusional elites actually began to feel that the Chinese tyrannical censoring form of government was superior to that in the West.

Now I think the tide is turning away from a glorification of the Chinese form of government with an absence of human rights for its citizens and a fast declining economy.

Meanwhile, the CCP is very racist and is trying desperately to eliminate as much foreign influence as possible, seeking to keep its citizens in the dark about foreign political systems and values as much as possible. This tendency towards isolationism will just create a paranoid brainwashed Chinese population not very knowledgeable about the rest of the world and very dysfunctional in their feelings and behavior towards other nations.

A CCP corrupt government which lies, steals, censors all opposition, and rules through fear and intimidation of its people will never be admired and respected for very long by the international world of nations, especially the remaining democracies. No sane nation will trust China in the long run, and trust-but-verify is the only policy which can ensure a long-term friendly relationship between these nations and China.

Chinese money can buy a lot of short-term influence worldwide, but without an ethical government behind the money, any long term influence is the pipe dream of a delusional Chinese government which has dreams of ruling the world in a tyrannical fashion.

Xi Jinping is trying to bully Taiwan with military might which is a form of fear and intimidation. Other nations are taking notes of the possibility that this may also be their fate in the near future if they get too cozy with China.

The CCP will probably never recover from the bad reputation which it is getting from its current actions internally and externally.

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay license
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