What's going on at the northern border?

Let me paraphrase Marvin Gaye and ask, what's going on?  Yes, what's going on at the U.S.-Canadian border?  Let's check the story:

Border Patrol agents in New York, Vermont and New Hampshire apprehended more people illegally entering the US from Canada in the past three months than in the previous two years combined, authorities say.

Officials in the states, which make up the federal agency's eastern "Swanton Sector," saw a 743% increase in apprehensions and encounters between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31 compared to the same period in 2021, sector chief, Robert Garcia said last week in a press release.

In December, a record 441 people were detained by US Border Patrol and Customs at the Canadian border in the region after flying to Canada from at least 19 countries, according to The Center Square. Fourteen others abandoned their illicit journey to America, and at least 135 foreign nationals evaded authorities and are now in the US illegally, officials told the outlet.

I guess the U.S. does not have borders anymore.

The game goes like this.  You get to Canada and then walk into the U.S.  How are these people getting into Canada in the first place?  They probably come in on a tourist visa and then pack up, or dress up very warm, to walk across the border.

Once upon a time, when the man who wrote mean tweets was in office, we had borders and sent that message around the world.  Now the "humane" approach has eroded our borders and promoted human-trafficking, and chaos prevails north and south.

Who's looking out for the country?

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Image: Cohen.Canada.

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