Trump in fine form, posting photo of himself as Speaker of the House

Amid all the Republican Sturm und Drang over the simple matter of naming a House speaker, President Trump jumped in on the morass with some more-than-welcome humor:



Who couldn't laugh after seeing that?

It was a hilarious riff on outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's toddler antics, making faces and ripping up paper as President Trump delivered his state of the union to Congress.

If Nancy could do it, rest assured, Trump could top her, now that the bottom had dropped out.

It was done in response to Rep. Matt Gaetz's nomination of Trump to be House speaker as an alternative to Kevin McCarthy, a Quixotic move, given that Trump doesn't want the job and probably isn't suited for it, with all its petty gamesmanship, parsing of egos, and detailed rules contrivances. Trump wants the presidency back and would not have time to be Speaker and campaign for the job a second time, let alone relish its petty rules and oneupmanships. That explains why he garnered only Gaetz's vote.

But it was good for a laugh, not only because it expresses true Republican sentiment about the Fraud-in-Chief, but if for nothing else, to see the left's reaction. Trump has always had a magnificent talent for showmanship, self-depreciating humor, and true comedy. He was in fine form here.

It's why voters like him.

Making light of the matter of the speakership, and getting a rise out of the left is a Trump speciality. Today, he's at it with elan. Let's see more humor from him soon.

Image: Truth Social, via Twitter screen shot

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