Those making a bold stand against the frenzied LGBT mafia are heroes

Over the course of Barack Obama's initial political run at the national level, he was asked to define marriage.  To this he responded that the institution is a "union between a man and a woman."  Then, as the LGBT mafia made headway over the next few years, his public position "evolved," and in 2015, during his presidential tenure, gay "marriage" was legalized.

Here's a sobering truth: 2015 wasn't that long ago.  It's been only seven and a half years.

We went from "we just want to get married" in drag demanding access to your toddlers lest you be labeled a bigot, a Colorado school selling "Pride" flag pins to students, a highly disturbed man like Sam Brinton entitled to don lipstick and a moustache in the professional environment (the highest levels of government); and this:

The legalization of gay "marriage" opened Pandora's box, and the fallout has been like a flashbang grenade.  We are a stunned populace, reeling from the indescribable proliferation of perversion.  Men undressing around little girls because they say they're a woman?  Fictional twisted murderers praised and claimed as "queer" icons?

The photo below sums up the mutation wholly:

Depravity cannot regulate itself, so therefore the burden is on us — but thankfully, there are heroes everywhere.  Exhibit A below:

Of course, the left went ballistic.  Sid Seixeiro, a Canadian media personality, demanded "repercussions."  From RedState:

He even advocated that the Flyers be fined a million dollars for Provorov's action. 'Figure this out and stop offending people,' Seixeiro said. 'It's supposed to be about inclusivity. The National Hockey League needs to attack this.'

How long until Seixeiro is demanding Provorov wear a jersey to celebrate pedophiles because the LGBT mafia rebranded them as Minor-Attracted Persons, or MAPs?  In the context of the seven-and-a-half-year time frame mentioned above, the answer is probably not long.

Next, there's Josh Alexander, a 16-year-old kid from Canada who received a suspension for his staged walkout over his school's degenerate bathroom policy which caters to sexually confused males.

Is Alexander caving?  Not in the slightest.  From LifeSiteNews:

'As a Christian and just as a man in general,' Alexander said, 'I feel a responsibility to stand up to this kind of nonsense.'

'I'm kind of shocked at how little response there has been from the [Catholic] Church,' he added. 'I even phoned one of the local churches the other day, and the pastor just told me he didn't want to speak to me. I couldn't imagine a leader of a church telling a 16-year-old kid they wouldn't speak with them, wouldn't even begin to have a discussion.'

Just last week, a member of the federal Judiciary, Judge Ann Aiken, threw out a lawsuit seeking to compel Christian universities to bend to the LGTB agenda.  Per writer Matt Lamb at The College Fix:

A federal judge dismissed efforts by a homosexual advocacy group to strip religious liberty protections from Christian and other religious universities. ...

The group sought to force Christian colleges to accept men into women's locker rooms and embrace other parts of the LGBT agenda.

Attempting to compromise our way out of depravity is a fool's errand; finding concessions with the crowd that subscribes to ideas like Drag Queen Story Hour only ushers in further cultural and moral decline.  Make America Moral Again, and be a Provorov, or an Alexander, or a Judge Aiken.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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