The Paul Pelosi attack footage is out, and it’s very brutal

Following a court order, we finally have the footage of the attack on Paul Pelosi at his and Nancy’s San Francisco home. If you hate to see a young man batter an old man in the head with a hammer, don’t watch it. In the few seconds that attack plays out, it’s very disturbing. However, there are a few strange things in the video, although I hesitate to assign any significance to them.

Here's the full video and, as I warned, it’s disturbing because it shows a frenzied violent attack that left Paul Pelosi unconscious and needing significant brain surgery, followed by a stint in the ICU and a long recovery:

Fox was also able to obtain the surveillance video from the house, showing David DePape breaking in and the 911 call is public too:

All suspicions that Pelosi invited DePape in should be allayed by the break-in video.

The 911 call is strange. Pelosi sounds remarkably relaxed and mellow throughout the call, even a little perplexed as to whether he should be making the call at all. However, a little over halfway through, Pelosi says that the intruder says that he (Pelosi) shouldn’t be on the phone.

At that point, it sounds as if DePape is threatening Pelosi and calling the shots…but if that’s the case, how and why did Pelosi make the 911 call in the first place? At one point, when the 911 operator asks if Pelosi knows the man, DePape, in the background, cheerfully says his name is David.

However, by the call’s end, it’s very clear that Pelosi is in danger, which is obviously why the police showed up. In his last words to the operator, while still sounding calm, Pelosi tells the operator he doesn’t know the guy and hangs up because “He wants me to get the hell off the phone.”

There’s something odd about the bodycam, too. When the police ring the doorbell, almost 20 seconds go by before it’s opened. The camera shows DePape, fully dressed, and Pelosi, dressed in a long-sleeved PJ shirt and boxers, both answering the door. Each has his right hand around a hammer.

The police officer says, “Hi, how are you doing?”

Pelosi, again sounding mellow, answers, “How are you?”

The police officer asks, “What’s going on, man?”

DePape answers, “Everything’s good.”

Pelosi doesn’t respond immediately. Instead, he smiles at the police and then says, “Hi.”

The police officer commands, “Drop the hammer.”

DePape says “Nope,” and tugs at the hammer, leading Pelosi to say, “Hey…hey, hey, hey,” and struggle with the hammer for a moment. During that brief struggle, you see that Pelosi clutches a glass in his left hand.

Things happen quickly then: Pelosi loses control of the hammer, at which point DePape turns on him and begins hammering violently at his head. The police instantly dive into action, tugging at DePape, who continues hammering and, once he’s pulled off Pelosi, tries to fight off the police. Pelosi, at this point, lies on the floor, bleeding and unconscious. The glass he was holding is also on the floor, with spilled liquid and ice around it. A terrible moaning, groaning sound fills the air, although I have no idea if it came from Pelosi or DePape.

So again, Paul Pelosi sustained a brutal hammer attack to the head at the hands of someone who smashed his way into the house. However, Paul Pelosi’s behavior, beginning with the 911 call and up until the moment of the attack, is just…well, for want of a better word, strange.

I can imagine a scenario in which Pelosi called 911 without DePape being aware but, once DePape realized what happened, he told Pelosi to behave normally and make it sound as if the 911 call was something of a mistake. That could explain why Pelosi cycled through sounding befuddled, indecisive, and as if DePape controlled him.

But none of those explanations seem to cover Pelosi’s response at the door, which was equally strange. If DePape was threatening him, how was he able to open the door so casually to the police? And why were both he and DePape smiling and even sociable with the police?

I’m fortunate that I’ve never had to face a home intruder or other attacker. I have no idea how I would respond if I were in that situation. Pelosi may just be someone who goes into a cool, slow mode in stressful situations. But it’s still…strange.

Image: Pelosi body cam footage.

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