The left's golden girl wants to finally get married

According to news reports, New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced her resignation, effective February 7.  This is a portion of her speech:

The PM spoke directly to members of her family during the speech, telling her four-year-old daughter Neve: "Mum is looking forward to being there when you start school this year[.]"

She also asked her fiancé Clarke Gayford if they could "finally get married" after the coronavirus pandemic thwarted their earlier plans.

She also said something about not having anything left in the tank.  Is she talking about energy or public support?

It looks as though New Zealand just got fed up with her ways — i.e., an authoritarian tyrant dressed up in the finest woke attire.  Like some of our Democrats, she became a control freak during the pandemic.  At one point, she locked down New Zealand because of one case of COVID-19.  Furthermore, she told her fellow citizens to turn in their neighbors for talking to people outside.  That reminds me of Cuba and the regime's neighborhood committees to defend the revolution.  As expected, she went into gun-grabbing mode after the mass shooting at a mosque in 2019.

She reminded me of Senator Elizabeth Warren without claiming that she was part Māori, the people living there before the English landed their ships.

We wish her well now that she can "finally get married" and turn her partner into a husband and father of their daughter.  Maybe she can start a New Zealand reality TV version of The Donna Reed Show and kiss her husband off to work every day.  Maybe they can have a couple more kids and remind the country that New Zealand needs more babies to pay for all those generous social programs.  It's hard to keep your welfare state clicking with a birth rate of 1.6 children per woman.

In the end, it was political reality that drove her out.  People just got tired of her act.  My bet is that her liberal soul mate, P.M. Justin Trudeau of Canada, is next.  He may be telling us soon that his tank is a bit dry, too.

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Image: Walkerbull.

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