The House Minority Whip’s violent, mixed-up son is leftism’s sad endpoint

It’s big news in the conservative media: Rep. Katherine Clark, a Massachusetts Democrat and the House Minority Whip, announced that her “daughter,” who is really her son, got arrested in Boston. She added, “I love Riley, and this is a very difficult time in the cycle of joy and pain in parenting.” I have no doubt that this statement comes from her heart. However, it’s possible that the values Clark brought to parenting her son are connected to her son’s defacing property and violently assaulting a police officer.

The facts are straightforward enough, per the Boston Police Department. Saturday night, officers responded to a protest on the Boston Common. When they got there, they saw 23-year-old Jared Dowell (Clark’s son) defacing a monument with anti-police sentiments (“NO COP CITY” and “ACAB”). As they were arresting Jared, around 20 protesters surrounded the cops, screaming obscenities at them through megaphones.

One “officer was hit in the face” with injuries to his nose and mouth. The police frame this in the passive voice, but they also charge Dowell with “Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon,” indicating that it was he who struck the officer. The other charges against Jared were “Destruction or Injury of Personal Property and Damage of Property.” If the police charges are proven true, Jared was a bad boy.

Clark wisely got out ahead of the story, tweeting a brief statement about the arrest, her emotional response, and her trust in the law. Interestingly, though, she referred in the tweet to a “daughter,” not a son. Yes, a Democrat rep has a so-called “transgender” child:

This is Clark’s “daughter” at “her” arraignment:

Image from YouTube.

The pink shirt, earring, and eyeshadow do not obscure the fact that this is a healthy young man in the prime of his physical life.

Given that Boston’s District Attorney, Kevin R. Haven, is a Democrat, in a Democrat city, in a Democrat state, Clark is probably correct to be optimistic about the outcome of the case against her son. What interests me more is how her son got to the point where he thinks he’s a girl and that it’s all right to attack a police officer.

Clark has served in Congress for a decade. That means that, for a decade, her three children, beginning when Riley was 13, have had a mom who has lived with them only part-time in their Revere, Massachusetts, home. Some kids handle the absentee mom/single dad routine well; some don’t.

Politically, Clark is pure leftist. To begin, she’s pro-mandatory vaccinations and pro-abortion, something she managed to combine in one recent tweet:

She supports Black Lives Matter and is hostile to the police:

She was among those who attacked President Trump’s efforts to control the flow of illegal aliens across America’s southern border. (Since Biden took office, she’s been silent about the border, along with the degradation of Texas border towns, the influx of fentanyl, and the human trafficking.)

She supports “gun reform,” which really means “gun control.” She seems disinterested in criminal justice reform that includes punishing actual criminals and in changing the disrespect for life that permeates the most dangerous communities when it comes to guns:

She’s completely committed to the anthropogenic climate change agenda, which includes returning the world to the “nasty, brutish, and short” pre-modern, pre-fossil fuel era.

She acknowledged during an interview that climate change preaching has left one of her children in a state of existential terror: “And let me tell you what it means to me coming in as a different generation. I remember my middle child waking up with nightmares over concern around climate change.” To her credit, Clark is mostly quiet about her children, but it appears that Riley is her middle child.

Finally, Clark is all-in when it comes to so-called “transgenderism,” celebrating not just her son’s abandonment of his biological reality but the entire principle that people can choose their own sex, including supporting the “Equality Act,” which gives LGBTQ+ rights above and beyond those guaranteed in the Constitution:

And there you have a great recipe for creating a gender-confused young man arrested for violently assaulting the police: Affluent leftist home, existential fear, hostility to the police, the denial of biological reality…. It’s all there. Again, I have no doubt that Clark and her husband genuinely love their children. I just suspect that their values have not served poor Riley well.





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