The green agenda has never been about science or the environment: It is about green money and power

The people pushing the green agenda always say they are basing the agenda on "science," yet their actions continually show that is not true.

The EU’s scientific arm said that the chemical element lithium, used in green-vehicle batteries, should be labeled as a toxin, but the EU refused to call it that because it would interfere with their policy to promote electric cars powered by the highly flammable pollutant.

See here:

EU Delays Labeling Lithium Toxic as Concerns from EV Industry Mount

The prospect that the European Union will classify lithium as toxic is adding to worries in the electric-vehicle battery industry that policymakers aren't doing enough to attract investment and the EU will lose out to the U.S., an attractive destination for such companies partly thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act.

Last week, the European Commission was set to give a final ruling on whether lithium, a crucial battery input, should be classified as a toxic substance. The commission's scientific arm recommended that it do so.

Why do scientists in and out of government promote the toxin lithium as a green alternative while seeking to control and bury CO2, a clear, innocuous non-pollutant that make plants grow and allows the world to be fed?

Because it is not about science.

The world has a lot of people who don’t have enough food, yet we continue to divert food for fuel even though there has been evidence for a long time that ethanol isn’t that good for the environment.

Take a look at this:

The Case Against More Ethanol: It’s Simply Bad for Environment

The revisionist effort to increase the percentage of ethanol blended with U.S. gasoline continues to ignore the major environmental impacts of growing corn for fuel and how it inevitably leads to higher prices for this staple food crop. It remains a bad idea whose time has passed.

We have plenty of oil and not enough food, so why is Goodyear using soybeans and corn to make tires?

Why Goodyear is all in on making tires from corn and soybean oil

 The answer is the green agenda to destroy oil companies.

Wind and solar also cause a lot of environmental damage and kill lots of wildlife that people pushing the green agenda pretend to care about.

Wind and solar power—the myth of ‘green’ energy

Sure, the blanketing of scenic coastlines with skyscraper-size wind turbines are rather obvious, but turbine construction and installation also depends on fossil fuels. There’s the diesel-powered heavy equipment, which clears sites, digs foundations, transports components and assembles them. The coal or natural-gas-fired kilns that bake the concrete, additional coal to forge steel for foundations and towers, and the hydrocarbon-based fiberglass for their blades.

...and this:

In North America, biologists have argued that migratory bat populations risk extinction if the expansion of wind farming is not controlled. Drastic reduction in the population of hoary bats has been observed. The wind facilities have annually resulted in countless fatalities of this endangered species.

California, on the other hand, has taken the lives of hundreds of desert tortoises and burned six thousand birds at Ivanpah wind facility. 4700 golden eagles are killed annually at another Californian wind farm. 59400 birds are killed in solar farms while 328000 birds are annually killed at wind facilities in the United  States of America. 

People who block mining in the U.S don’t mind getting cobalt and lithium from China, Zambia, and the People's Republic of Congo. all of which have mining interests that abuse people, including children.

You can see it in articles such as these:

Biden turns to country with documented child labor issues for green energy mineral supplies: 'It's egregious'

The Biden administration opened the door to financing mining projects in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Zambia to bolster the global green energy supply chain as it pushes ahead with its climate agenda, despite the DRC's documented issues with child laborers being used in such mines. 


The minimum wage in Zambia in dollars is $917 per year.


‘Subhuman’ Origins of Electric Vehicles, Smartphones from Chinese-Controlled Cobalt Mines

A visiting Harvard professor revealed to podcast host Joe Rogan the “heart-wrenching” and “subhuman” origins of nearly every lithium battery-powered tech device produced from Chinese-controlled cobalt slave mines in the Congo.

“The things I saw there were so appalling and heart-wrenching and urgent that I changed my approach,” Siddharth Kara told Rogan on what prompted him to write his new book Cobalt Red: How The Blood of The Congo Powers Our Lives.

Don’t journalists and other Democrats care?

California has always had significant dry periods, but record rain and snow is alleviating the drought and filling reservoirs and lakes rapidly.

The lakes were going dry significantly because of so many people and businesses using a lot, not because of gas powered cars and gas furnaces.

There is not one piece of scientific data that shows that oil and coal consumption or methane emissions caused the dry period and not one piece of scientific data that shows that record rain and snow is because humans drive cars and use gas furnaces.

The climate has always changed cyclically and naturally and always will.

Switching to electric cars will not fill lakes.

California storms erase extreme drought from nearly all of state

In a single week, the portions of the state classified as experiencing extreme drought in California fell from 27.1% to 0.32%.


Pretty unbelievable.’ Central Coast lake set to spill for first time in a dozen years


Here is something most people won’t see that I read in WSJ yesterday because it doesn’t fit the green agenda.


Last year was one degree cooler than 2021 and only the 18th warmest on record.

The media and other Democrats care about science as much as Biden cares about classified documents.

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