The Game of Life has a run-in with leftism and is quickly diminished to a heap of communistic rubble

Leftists and their preposterous ideas about reality are why we can’t have nice things.

America used to lead in education, until the Democrats got their federal Department of Education. America used to strive for Judeo-Christian morality, but now the culture has been hijacked by self-indulgent groomers and sexual predators. America used to be the home for free speech and the marketplace place of ideas, and now it’s daily doses of the Twitter Files showing tyranny and censorship pervade both the public and private sector. What a legacy.

We can’t even have fun in peace, because board game maker Hasbro remains hopelessly infiltrated by leftism. “They” came for Clue (sullied that), because how “racist” to have a character called Mrs. White be capable of killing a character named Dr. Black (despite both characters being White) — and now, these communist monsters have successfully waged a scorched earth campaign against another favorite, The Game of Life. Once again, the board game company abandoned tradition in favor of wokeism, but this time, embraced the most “infamous proposal” of the communists: “Abolition of the family!”

Gone are the days when you would reach the milestone of marriage in celebration, soon to fill your little vehicle up with as many children as you could. Remember, we used to be a proper Christian country when babies after marriage was the promoted order. However, in Life 2.0: The Marx Edition, families are a liability. Read what Micaiah Bilger at LifeNews reported about the change:

According to the Daily Wire, people have been complaining online about the “woke” new edition from Hasbro because of its de-emphasis on children and marriage.

In the old version, ‘family was wealth, not liability,’ said homeschool mom Lindsay Harold….

Now, she said getting married and having children often can be detrimental. The new game even limits the number of children a player may have.

Older versions used to require every player to get married, sometimes with a monetary bonus. Now, the game allows users to choose whether to marry, and, instead of a potential bonus, getting married costs money, Harold said.

Additionally, she said players now can choose to have children without getting married or not to have children at all. She said the chances of having children in the game also is much more limited.

In older versions, ‘there were lots of baby spaces,’ Harold said. ‘… And each baby endowed you with a LIFE card that paid benefits in retirement. There was no limit to the number of children you could add. If you filled up one car, you could just add a second vehicle to transport your large family. I’ve had 8 or 10 kids before in that game.’

Now, the most children that a player can have is four, and that option can cost extra time and money, she said.

The picture on the front of the box for Life 2.0 features a signpost which reads, “Your Life Your Way” — how soon until Hasbro begins to include additional culturally and morally repugnant aspects of our modern society? Isnt that the argument every deviant uses? Morality is subjective and theyre just living out their truth right? The communist left has a Woke steamroller, and they aren’t afraid to use it. In the words of President Trump, “Everything woke turns to s***.”

Image: Sheila SundCC BY 2.0, via Flickr, unaltered.

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