The effort to save students from gender madness is working

One of the unexpected blessings of the otherwise damaging lockdowns was that parents finally got the chance to see what was happening inside their children’s classrooms—and they often discovered that teachers were more interested in indoctrinating students than in teaching them. Many parents were surprised to learn that the teachers were telling students that they could be any sex they wanted. Because parents genuinely love their children, rather than seeing them as cannon fodder for the cultural revolution, they pushed back. The good news, if a Tennessee teacher’s video is anything to go by, is that the pushback is working.

Sometimes it seems exhausting to fight back against wokeness, especially in K-12 education. While we may once have laughed at collegiate woke lunacy, it became something different entirely when the lunatics graduated from college with teaching degrees and descended on America’s classrooms, bringing with them two pernicious ideas: Critical Race Theory (which has anti-Americanism as a subset) and gender theory.

Image: The teacher who quits. Twitter screen grab.

While parents have disliked seeing their kids taught either that they’re genetically predetermined irredeemable racists or perpetual victims, what’s really gotten their goat is that, beginning in kindergarten, teachers instruct their students that there is no such thing as biological sex. Parents—who relied upon the fundamental “sperm plus egg: underpinning of biological sex to have their children—recognized this for the dangerous nonsense it is. Watching their kids literally turn crazy before their eyes, only to have the medical establishment push those kids towards revenue-pumping hormones and surgery, galvanized parents.

As a reminder of what parents were seeing happen to their children, here are recent examples of what happens at schools when parents have not yet gained control over the spaces they fund and in which their children spend time:

Once galvanized, parents began to put pressure on school boards and state houses. While leftist states such as California, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado mandate “LGBTQ-inclusive sex ed,” red states, the ones in which people still believe in genetic science, have pushed back against sex education that’s anything but based on pure biology. Those states include Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, Texas, and (to my surprise) Illinois. Florida’s bill (keeping LGBTQ gender fantasies out of K-3 classrooms) got the most attention, inspiring other states such as Georgia, Kansas, Tennessee, and Oklahoma.

It should be noted that these bills do not advocate criminalizing homosexuality or prohibiting anyone, including adults, from claiming that they have magically become something other than their biological gender. Instead, they just prevent the classrooms from becoming forums for gender advocacy.

Because this post is about a Tennessee teacher, let’s focus on the Tennessee bill. It requires that schools notify parents if the subject of sex ed (including “sexual orientation or gender identity curriculum”) is on the curriculum, giving them the right to opt the child out of that instruction. The activists, of course, went insane when they learned that they no longer had access to Tennessee classrooms.

Having lost the ability to indoctrinate her students about LGBTQ+ principles, at least one Tennessee teacher has just given up. It turns out that being able to teach students about everything other than LGBTQ+ subjects isn’t enough for her. Being barred from that single subject has her leaving the teaching profession—a pretty clear admission that she saw her job not as teaching children but as indoctrinating them:

So, parents, do not give up. If you make it impossible for the activists to bring ugly, unscientific concepts into the classroom, at least some of them will go away.

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