The Church of England accelerates its drain-circling trajectory

The Bible is pretty darn clear: God created two human sexes, labeling them as male and female. “Male and female He created them” (Genesis 1:27). One would expect that a vicar of a Christian church grounded in Biblical scripture would accept God’s foundational creations, but Bingo Allison (yes, that’s his real name) knows better. The “gender-queer” vicar says that his epiphany came when he was reading Genesis, at which time he concluded that God intended sexual fluidity. No wonder Christianity is dying in England, even as Islam rises.

Bingo, a married father of three, is very proud of his imaginary sexual identity and is currently on a PR blitz. The Daily Mail article about Bingo (from which I quote in this post) is based on an interview Bingo did with BBC Radio Merseyside and an interview he did with the Liverpool Echo. This vicar also likes using social media to post pictures of himself along with captions saying that Jesus “loves sparkly eyeshadow,” something that I suspect would come as a great surprise to the Biblical Jesus as opposed to the leftist fantasy Jesus. Bingo also goes to schools and youth groups to spread the gospel of transgenderism.

Here's Bingo’s video showing him spreading some of that gospel:

Surprisingly, having seen that travesty of a woman, complete with incipient male-pattern baldness and “man boobs” in action, I don’t feel closer to God. Do you?

If you’re wondering how Bingo gets away with this, it’s not because he’s hiding from the Church of England establishment. Instead, the CofE is totally on board. Bingo was halfway through the training program when he had his epiphany that, according to him, Genesis 1:27 spoke about something he calls “‘from maleness to femaleness’ as opposed to men and women.”

I wonder what Bible they’re using at the CofE training center because all the translations at Bible Hub are consistent. God created humans in his image, both male and female. A sane person understands that he created them as humans, as opposed to parakeets. I guess transgender vicars in the CofE think the language means that God is gender fluid so, despite God creating male and female, this vicar can emulate a gender-fluid God himself.

But it’s not just Bingo. As I noted, the CofE is totally on board, according to Bingo:

Bingo, who previously trained to become a priest in Durham, said the Church of England was ‘open to me coming out’ but added that it was ‘difficult’ for some people [he] had worked with ‘because for them I was the first transgender person they had worked with closely’.

[He has] since moved to the Liverpool Diocese ‘which does so much to support and empower LGBT people’ and [he has] found [his] new congregation ‘wonderful’.

Talking about how it has received [him], Bingo added: ‘On the outside you might think "oh, they’re quite a traditional church so they might have traditional views", but I’ve always been treated as a person and as a priest.’

Just FYI, the square brackets are to correct the ludicrous they/them/their pronouns the Daily Mail uses, which render large parts of the article almost unintelligible.

In a normal world, Bingo would not be a vicar bringing the word of God to England’s faithful. Instead, he would be receiving psychiatric care to help him cope with his gender dysphoria.

But as we see more and more, we do not live in a normal world. We live in an increasingly abnormal world. So, the Church of England, once a reputable faith, gives a literal (and bully) pulpit to a man suffering from what was once correctly classified as a mental illness. And meanwhile, the Christian faith in England declines, while the Islamic faith, which at least can tell a boy from a girl, ascends.

That pathway to Islamic supremacy is one of the reasons I write so much about the establishment’s push to force transgenderism on children. The other reason is that transgenderism is the vehicle by which children are taught to abandon their bodies and their families—which is exactly how cults isolate and destabilize people. In this case, the cult is the state.

Soon, all these new acolytes will learn that, to the state, everyone is a widget, and when a class of widgets ceases to be useful, the state will dispose of it with cavalier brutality. Witness how Canada is now urging “medically assisted” suicide on the same people who supported and paid for their “free” socialized medicine system.

Transgenderism is the hill to die on because it is the thin edge of the spear, the loaded virus, the indoctrination vehicle, or some other metaphor of your choice by which the state lays claim to our children and, eventually, to all of us.

Image: Bingo Allison. YouTube screen grab.

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