That El Paso Potemkin Village Joe Biden is set to visit is already buckling before he even gets there

It was all supposed to be so well-scripted and harmonious. 

Joe Biden would visit the border at the politically safe, Democrat-led El Paso entry point, make a speech about how well he's doing on his migrant surge crisis, and off camera, someone would clean up the migrant mess in the vicinity to give Joe the backdrop to spin to the public that all was quiet and under control at the border

Ummm... but in much chaos, it's really not working out the way he thought it would work out.

It's bad. 

Start with the street cleanup effort, which has led to before-and-after tweets making the rounds on the Internet here.



The cleanup included detentions or arrests of migrant squatters.



Now let's get to the reaction from the federally funded illegal alien advocacy NGOs, who suddenly see those arrests as a threat to their rice bowls.

From Telemundo (translation to follow):

Una semana antes de la visita del presidente, Joe Biden, a El Paso, Texas, agentes de Aduanas y Protección Fronteriza (CBP, por sus siglas en inglés), y de la policía de El Paso, fueron captados en video mientras detenían a migrantes que se estaban quedando a dormir en las calles, afuera de una iglesia y una central de autobuses.

En las grabaciones obtenidas por nuestra cadena hermana NBC News se ve a los agentes fronterizos mientras patrullan las calles donde se están quedando a dormir los migrantes, conduciendo sus camionetas entre las silenciosas tiendas de campaña con las luces de las sirenas encendidas.

Defensores de los derechos de los migrantes alegan que los arrestos afuera de la iglesia pueden ser violatorios de las políticas del Departamento de Seguridad Nacional.

Google Translate:

A week before President Joe Biden's visit to El Paso, Texas, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents and El Paso police were caught on video detaining migrants. that they were sleeping in the streets, outside a church and a bus station.
Recordings obtained by our sister network NBC News show border agents patrolling the streets where migrants are staying the night, driving their trucks between silent tents with their sirens flashing.
Immigrant rights advocates allege that arrests outside the church may be in violation of Department of Homeland Security policies.
Telemundo reports that migrant rights advocates are screaming that Joe Biden is violating his own policies by detaining or arresting some 150 migrants, who apparently have a "right" to camp where they please in addition to a "right" to invade and live in the country they please. The policy's open-borders, after all, so you can see why they're upset about it. But what they didn't 'get' was that with Joe Biden, it's open-borders for thee, but not for he, just as the Martha's Vineyard denizens asserted.

It gets worse. The migrants themselves are making a stink.

They're shouting about entering America illegally as "the struggle." Against America? For not letting them march in no questions asked?



They've just gotten here and already they're forming a political movement, making themselves a special interest group, protesting the badness of our country and demanding political spoils as compensation. How's that for chutzpah in a foreign country?



Some are saying Joe Biden is one of them.

They're even organizing been protests against those darn law-abiding Americans for not letting them -- I don't know what -- in? Some say it's a call to "open the border," but the border is open and they certainly are being allowed to live here without fear of deportation -- but all the same, they are protesting that. They always want more.





But they aren't exactly loyal to America. Note the high numbers of Venezuelan flags being waved in this organized protest by the illegal migrants. It's the old wave the flag of the country you are desperate not to be sent back to schtick, pioneered by the Mexicans, picked up by the Central Americans and now a carried flag of the Venezuelans.



Joe Biden has repeatedly told the American people that these migrants are families with needs.

But notice the composition of the groups in El Paso -- military aged single young men. 





And apparently they menace U.S. citizens here, much as many must have done as a lifestyle in Caracas, the crime capital of the Americas.



And they glom around the church for refuge, citing Jesus, which is a little hypocritical, given that it's all but certain they never went to church in Venezuela. I've been to masses in Venezuela and the one thing that stuck out about the attendance in these masses was that males there were few and far between, around 5 percent of attendance.





What a string of hypocrisies this amounts to.

The Biden visit is not only all about hypocrisy but based on the scale of the news they are trying to control, it has some amazing potential for, shall we say, uncontrolled outcomes, as Joe Biden makes his campaign stop at the border and announces his plan to issue 360,000 work permits to migrants from the socialist hellholes of the region, calling it a solution and a wrap.

This reporter notes that none of the migrants has plans to take Joe up on his offer for a legal pathway into the U.S. through his vaunted app.



They may know they don't qualify for entry based on their inabilities to pass a basic background check, their criminal records, or their lack of family members in the states already, while their prospects without legal status remain good, what with all the sanctuary cities and states to choose from. Or, they may be wise to the scale of Biden's solution, given that the 360,000 work permit slots should fill up the first day the app is available. Or they may simply have contempt.

They aren't bothering with Joe, and no, they aren't doing his app because they are already here and are ready to get what they want.

Others are openly telling the press about all the great opportunities Joe's opened for them. Here's a selection of quotes with media links from the Washington Examiner:

Just months after Biden was sworn in, after he ended the "Remain in Mexico" policy on Day One and ended Title 42 for families with children, Javier Gomez, his wife, Maria Gomez, and his daughter crossed the border illegally into the U.S. from Mexico. “We sold our house, everything to come,” Javier Gomez told reporters. “In Venezuela, there is no food, no electricity, no medicine, no work,” Maria Gomez added. “We are blessed to have made it.”

Rodrigo Neto, who sold his shop and car to pay for his journey from Brazil, told a similar story. “What we’re hearing back home is that the new president is facilitating entry and there is demand for labor,” Neto told reporters. “I couldn’t pass up this opportunity.”


Which should pretty well tell us that these aren't asylum seekers as Joe claims, they are economic migrants, and this trip won't be the smooth scripted narrative affair Joe Biden thinks it will be. Just the male-only migrant protests and the howls of leftist lawyers should keep the reporters busy and their minds off Joe. Already the migrants are gatheirng in numbers at the church cited as Joe's plane has landed:



When you set chaos in motion, the smoothest of plans have a way of running into unforeseen outcomes. Joe doesn't know that, but with the level of chaos he's created at the border, the rest of us do.

Image: Twitter screen shot

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