Strange how the media didn't notice a 'dysfunctional Congress' until just now

As speaker, Nancy Pelosi ran the House of Representatives like a fiefdom, and the media cheered.  They marveled at her power.

They didn't operate under regular budget rules with individual appropriation bills.  Instead, they had omnibus spending bills stuffed with garbage that have contributed to massive deficits and $32 trillion in debt as they pretended new spending was paid for. 

The bills were prepared outside the view of most members of Congress, and few read the bills before they were voted on.  On Obamacare, Pelosi told her subjects they must vote on the bill before they had a chance to read it.  How would the media like it if their employers required them to sign agreements before they were allowed to read them?  Would it be OK for banks to require borrowers to sign the loan agreements before they read them? 

And that is supposedly what the people should want.  Threatening to close the government every few months and cramming down multi-thousand-page spending bills is dysfunctional. 

Kevin McCarthy may have just won himself the most dysfunctional Congress ever

the unbridled chaos of this week's speaker debacle simultaneously confirmed and compounded an unsettling truth: The United States could be on the cusp of its most dysfunctional Congress ever.

Now we are going back to the rules from when Newt Gingrich was speaker.  Now the members who are closer to the people will have much greater power to control the process and the results.  That is great, not dysfunctional. 

Gingrich Revisited? As McCarthy Wins the Gavel, Sweeping New Rules Will Change the Way Congress Operates

The sweeping new rules resemble those of House Speaker Newt Gingrich after winning the gavel in 1995, due in large part to the GOP's Contract with America, which Gingrich and the Republicans used to balance the budget for the first time in decades between a Republican-led Congress and the Clinton White House.

The media loved the January 6 Committee, which also operated like a dictatorship.  No defense was allowed, and the public wasn't allowed to see everything.  The media and the public never cared about FBI involvement or the speaker's malfeasance in failing to secure the Capitol.

It took only four days for McCarthy to win as new rules and procedures were worked out.  That is a great result for Americans.  The media and other Democrats acted as though debating and negotiating are dangerous and embarrassing.  Their thinking is backwards, not progressive. 

Diversity of opinion and debate make America great, not dysfunctional.  I look forward to the next two years, where members of Congress cater to the people instead of a powerful speaker like Pelosi. 

Maybe now, someone will actually look into the corruption of Biden, the FBI, and the CDC and stop suppressing speech to interfere in elections.  Maybe we will start enforcing immigration laws. 

Image: Kevin McCarthy.  Credit: World Economic Forum via Flickr, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

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