So Adam Schiff got his snoot into the trough of Twitter censorship, too?

With Democrats from the FBI, state governments, local cops, the Democratic National Committee, Homeland Security, the State Department, the Pentagon, and the Biden White House jumping in to surreptitiously have Twitter act as a proxy to censor conservatives, is it any surprise that Rep. Adam Schiff wanted his cut, too?

That's the latest news from Twitter Files 12, which reveals Schiff's efforts to shut down inconvenient reporters.

According to Fox News:

It was revealed in the latest "Twitter Files," that the office of Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., made requests for Twitter to suspend certain accounts. 

In the second of two back-to-back batches of Elon Musk's "Twitter Files" shared on Tuesday by Substack writer Matt Taibbi, he reported that Twitter "received an astonishing variety of requests from officials asking for individuals they didn't like to be banned."

An example he shared was one sent in November 2020 by Schiff's office, who contacted Twitter hoping the tech giant would take action regarding "alleged harassment from QAnon conspiracists" against Schiff's staff, including aide Sean Misko. 

"Remove any and all content about Mr. Misko and other Committee staff from its service- to include quotes, retweets, and reactions to that content," the request to Twitter read. "Suspend the many accounts, including @GregRubini and @paulsperry, which have repeatedly promoted false QAnon conspiracies." 

Paul Sperry, the investigative reporter who revealed the name of CIA operative Eric Ciaramella as the impeachment whistleblower?  That was the guy who was feeding Schiff his information about President Trump's supposed collusion with the Russians, which was utter garbage and failed to give the Senate enough evidence to convict.  Schiff thought he had struck the jackpot with that guy in his tree — but instead, all came out about Ciaramella's and Schiff's own collusion, something they didn't want to get out.

Yes, that was an inconvenient reporter for Schiff and the political show he was putting on.

Obviously, it annoyed Schiff.  And instead of simply not reading the papers or ignoring the guy's reporting, or confronting his reporting head on, or whatever, Schiff got it into his head that he could vindictively retaliate for his lost political project by ordering Twitter to shut Sperry down, not expecting everyone to know.

For Twitter itself, it was a bridge too far, at least to some extent.

According to Fox, Taibbi continued:

Schiff's office also requested that Twitter "stop the spread of future misinformation on Twitter" regarding committee staff and "label and reduce the visibility of any content."

"Even Twitter declined to honor Schiff's request at the time," Taibbi wrote, noting Twitter's responses to Schiff's office repeatedly saying "we don't do this." As Taibbi noted, though, Sperry was later suspended. 

And that's because in Schiff's case, there was never even a pretense, however tenuous, toward national security.  Twitter recognized it to be all about politics, and it wasn't ready to engage in a "master-canine" relationship with Schiff, too.  It was already taking orders from every government agency, and the cooks were spoiling the broth.  Schiff too joining the act was too much for them — at least for a time. Sperry's account was eventually suspended — and whether that was Schiff's doing or something else at this point is unknown.

What makes Schiff different from the others is that his aim was pure politics, not national security.

What gave him the idea that he could ask Twitter to shut down the inconvenient accounts?  As Jim Jordan noted on his own Twitter, can you imagine the reaction if a Republican had asked Twitter to shut down an inconvenient reporter's account?  And what gave Schiff the temerity to ask, given his pieties about "democracy" that have run all through his Trump witch hunt?

If this censorship bid isn't grounds for kicking Schiff off every congressional committee he is on now, what is?  This guy hates the First Amendment and sneakily proposes illegal acts surreptitiously to shut it down without taking responsibility for it?

It's time to expose him and his act, and what was really going on around this that he should ask for suspensions, as soon as possible.

Update: Paul Sperry has a string of excellent responses at this Twitchy thread here.

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