Republicans need a good look in the mirror

How can a Republican agenda be more popular than the Republican Party or its candidates?  Simple: Our candidates are scattered all over hell's half-acre.  Where is the consistency among Republicans?  What is the underlying principle that unites us?

The party is ripped apart by MAGA versus NeverTrump.  These two groups can't even agree that it would be better if Republicans won so we can influence the course of the nation.  Talk about a chasm.  It's not Trump or some other person; it's getting like-minded thinkers elected and in power so we can reverse the course the left has chosen for us.  Why do we continue to be our own enemy?

Just about every working stiff in America agrees that the government is spending too much money.  There are only three types who want more spending: those on welfare, government bureaucrats, and those who want to control the rest of us (politicians).

So why are Republicans so easily diverted from the control inherent in excessive government spending?  They are obviously diverted when engaging in arguments about debt ceilings and balanced budgets.

* Falling for the debt ceiling debate is admitting that we need to increase government spending at a slower pace.  Nope — we must reduce all government spending and the national debt inherent in excessive spending.  

* Balanced budgets are paper projects.  The real action takes place when the government actually reduced its spending, not when it creates an Excel file.

Instead, Republicans should take the debate to the people and stop playing into the left's hands.  The debt debate should be about how to reduce government spending, not raise the debt ceiling (which means more spending) or balance a budget.  Republicans look like fools when they are so easily diverted.  

Start driving the argument.  Stop following the left.

Republicans need to have the courage to say what everyone knows: when 85% of government spending is locked-in entitlements, some of it has to go.  Everyone is going to feel some pain.  Do we owe it to our grandkids to take the pain, or do we force the pain onto them?  That is the issue.  Every debt comes due; someone has to pay it.  Let it be we, not they.

The only issue should be reduced government spending in order to allow the earner, the citizen, the taxpayer to keep more of his hard earned income.  This will offset some of the "pain" of reduced entitlements.

If Republicans want to win elections, they have to adhere to a principle.  That principle should be the same as the reason our country was forged in the first place: the inalienable rights and responsibilities of the individual.  Anything else is a diversion, a fool's errand.

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