Progressives seek to eradicate gender

Leftists like to refer to themselves as "progressives," which raises the obvious question: progress toward what?  

Daily Wire host Matt Walsh, among others, has observed that leftism "progresses" like an aggressive cancer, metastasizing throughout the entire body (or, in this case, the body politic) until it has killed the host.

That's a creative and accurate analogy, but obviously it's not what leftists mean when they describe themselves that way.

Instead, "progress" for them means progress toward their vision of an ideal society composed of perfect humans. And what, you may ask, are the characteristics of the "perfect" human?

Clearly, for progressives, one of them is androgyny — essentially, sexlessness.

Please note that for the purposes of this essay, I'm using "sex" and "gender" interchangeably — not because I believe they're actually interchangeable terms, but because that's how leftists use them, except when they're saying that the two are completely different.

Indeed, they seem to vacillate between those two positions, based on which one better supports their argument at the time.  Gender and sex are not the same thing, leftists insist, unless they are.  Because, you know, "transwomen" are women.  

(I should point out, too, that had I used the phrase "eradicate sex" in the title, many readers would have panicked.)

The point of all this obfuscation and conflation is ultimately to obliterate gender, or biological sex, altogether.  Perhaps that's why a growing number of people who "identify" as "LGBTQ+" now refer to themselves as "non-binary" rather than "trans."  Sensing they've essentially lost the argument over whether men can become women or women men, they've simply decided they're neither.  

But there's more to it than that.  In this latest phase of our quest for human "progress," the highest manifestation of the individual is imagined as neither male nor female.  Instead, we will all be liberated from such antiquated and repressive labels. 

Like every other insane "progressive" idea, this one has of course taken hold in academia.  Witness the proliferation of "gender-inclusive" bathrooms, dormitories, and locker rooms.  

Even ostensibly religious institutions are not exempt.  As Campus Reform recently reported, students at Brigham Young University are taught in a Human Development course that parents should "aim for androgyny" when raising children and that Jesus was "the most androgynous" person.

Beyond that, like the progressive cancer that it is, the idea has spread to and poisoned the wider society.

For example, we learned a few weeks ago that the United States Marine Corps has asked recruits to refrain from using "sir" or "ma'am" when referring to their drill instructors in order to avoid possibly "misgendering" them. 

This "recommendation" is a nod to "transgender" ideology — the notion that someone who appears to be male might actually be female, or vice versa.  But its practical effect, when recruits revert to "Yes, Sergeant!" instead of "Yes, Sir!" or "Yes, Ma'am," is to obscure gender distinctions altogether. 

That, indeed, is its real purpose.

Clearly, the next phase of human "progress" involves remaking humanity itself into something that transcends biology.  We can see this in the emergence of artificial intelligence, but we also see it in the attempt to ignore or erase gender differences.

After all, biological sex is one of the most fundamental human characteristics.  To usher in the brave, new, "progressive" world of transhumanism, it must be eradicated.

Image: Aven.

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