Pfizer executive goes thug on James O’Keefe after realizing he had been recorded boasting about ‘mutating’ Covid virus for profit

The incredible undercover video of a senior Pfizer executive boasting about “mutating” the Covid virus released Wednesday by Project Veritas is making waves, even though the corporate media have completely ignored it as Google suppresses searches for it. Here is the original video itself of Pfizer's Jordon Trishton Walker regaling his companion, unaware that he was being recorded.

Twitter video screengrab

And here is Tucker Carlson last night explaining the total suppression of the video despite 12 million online views and the tech oligopolists' suppression of searches for it.

Pfizer’s CEO Albert Bourla, questioned about the video by Rebel News, clammed up and dismissed the question with “Thank-you very much” and “Have a nice day.”

But new video released yesterday afternoon by Project Veritas shows Walker being confronted by Project Veritas head James O’Keefe, shown video of the encounter on an iPad, and going thug on him and others from Project Veritas, who were openly recording the encounter. The entire video is 10 minutes long, and begins with what might be called highlights, before a more complete record of the encounter. It is worth your time to watch, but in case you are in a hurry, there are some screengrabs below. (All from YouTube screengrabs)

Walker at first claims he was lying, just trying to impress a date, which is an interesting confession of sleaziness, if accurate. He also denies being a scientist, stating he was hired from a consulting firm. It will be interesting to find out which one, if this is true.

But it is when Walker tries to grab the iPad, slams it to the ground, and engages physically with PV staff that it gets interesting, and potentially criminal.

Here he grabs the iPad:

And here it goes flying to the floor:

After tussling with the PV crew, he ends up on the floor himself:

Walker instructs the owner of the café to call the police and lock the doors and prevent O’Keefe and company from leaving, which in most states constitutes kidnapping or unlawful detention. It’s odd because he is the only person potentially committing crimes. The PV crew does leave, and when they do, Walker goes outside and tries to block a car he mistakenly believes they are riding in.

When police do come and are show video of the encounter an officer states that they would arrest Walker if James O’Keefe were still present on the scene, though he had left by this time.

In my opinion, Walker became crazed and desperate, realizing that he had probably torpedoed his career and might be in for some even worse consequences.

I expect Walker may face a subpoena from the House Committee investigating Covid. He and other Pfizer executives need to be placed under oath and explain what, if any, mutations they have been creating out of the Covid virus.

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