Party hearty: As San Francisco drowns in storms, Mayor London Breed vacays in Vegas

Didn't Sen. Ted Cruz get roasted for taking a family vacation to Cancun at a time when his home state of Texas was undergoing a deep freeze?

Well, here's San Francisco's mayor, London Breed, partying hearty in Las Vegas, while her city was awash in flooding after a series of record rainstorms.



According to the San Francisco Standard:

San Francisco found itself deeply under water on New Year’s Eve to the surprise of Mayor London Breed and other city officials, who said they were expecting less than an inch of rain.

But a day after parts of the Mission, SoMa and other neighborhoods flooded with several feet of water, Breed flew to Las Vegas to watch the San Francisco 49ers play the Raiders from a private luxury box with rapper E-40. Two days later, Breed blamed the National Weather Service for the city’s failure to adequately prepare for the storm. 

E-40, the celebrated Bay Area hip-hop entertainer and entrepreneur, posted an Instagram reel Tuesday that shows Breed with him and others in a midfield luxury box at the Raiders’ Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada.

Which might explain why Breed later claimed that the National Weather Service never warned her anything was amiss -- and the agency bit back by saying it most certainly did. Breed was out partying and not paying attention to the warnings of a potentially lethal storm from the federal agency in charge of making such warnings. The San Francisco Standard covered that one, too, here.

Which certainly makes her look like an idiot who doesn't understand the basics of her job.

But it also betrays a significant arrogance. She apparently doesn't think rules of decorum, or of being a mayor in a time of crisis apply to her. Her fellow Democrats are quick on the draw against guys like Ted Cruz, who couldn't have done much about the Texas storm issue anyway as a sitting senator.

But Breed is the chief executive of San Francisco, and should have been out there distributing sand bags, issuing the warnings, telling residents how to stay safe, providing shelter to those who needed it, calling up the feds for extra help, and helping residents get through the matter. That's what a competent political leader (looking at you, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis) does. Florida's governor didn't take the occasion of the recent hurricane that hammered his state go fly to some ball game with a rapper in some glitzy city of entertainment like Las Vegas, arrogantly expecting that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

And she flew out the day after the storm in any case, when yes, she no longer needed warnings, she needed to be there to help.

It shows a mayor who doesn't take her job too seriously, even at life-and-death times. What's sad here is that I only see the scrappy little San Francisco Standard covering it. They do their jobs as journalists. The rest? Not so much.

Image: Twitter screen shot


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