Outgoing speaker Pelosi hails her Democrats as 'the greatest collection of intellect, integrity and imagination assembled'

Who needs nausea when we've got Nancy Pelosi?

The outgoing House speaker wrote a farewell letter to her fellow Democrats, with this load of pearl of Pelosi wisdom:

 One final thought that I wanted to leave with you is my belief that the House Democratic Caucus is the greatest collection of intellect, integrity and imagination assembled for the good of the American people.

Breitbart News first spotted that letter and noted it here.

Which is a rather surreal thing to say, given the animal farm menagerie the Democrats have become on her watch, going from a party of moderates and ward heel politicians, to a woke socialist echo chamber where dissent is not permitted.

Is Pelosi really saying that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who condemned cauliflower as racist, expressed amazement about garbage disposals, got caught with her hand in the till on accepting gifts, deceiving voters on a fundraiser, and paying her boyfriend as staff, was a paragon of intelligence and integrity? The woman does her makeup on Instagram. She claimed that "facts don't matter" when you're "morally right" when she was caught making up some of them. Is she the best the Democrats can do? That's what counts as intellect and integrity?

How about Rep Ilhan Omar, who, evidence suggests, married her brother for immigration purposes and has repeatedly been caught spewing anti-Semitic statements?

Let's move on to some other of these paragons of integrity cited by Pelosi, such as Rep. Adam Schiff who repeatedly lied about the evidence he had regarding his grand show trial of President Trump called impeachment -- which ended up amounting to nothing? Let's also not forget that Mr. Integrity has yet to return those campaign donations he got from convicted pervert and Democrat donor Ed Buck. That's some intelligence and integrity.

There are other charmers in this bunch, too -- anyone want to testify to the integrity of Maxine Waters, who pays her daughter gargantuan fees for campaign mailers with certain endorsements? And who at times has seemed to be calling for 'get in their faces' violence against Republicans? That's some intellect there with that strategy of fists and vocal chords over the brains to argue a point. Intellect, integrity seem pretty absent for Mad Max -- and with her old-fashioned ward-heel politics, are not exactly imaginative either.

How about then-Rep. Keith Ellison who served in Pelosi's Democrat-led House -- on a raft of sex-harassment allegations?

Or Rep. Eric Swalwell, who carried on a torrid national-security-risking sex affair with Fang Fang the suspected Chinese spy, who also donated to his campaign and recommended aides to hire? Swalwell's intelligence wasn't exactly driven by his big head in that one.

Let's also not forget all the Democrats accused of inside trading to grow rich while in office? That club is a large one, with Reps. Susie Lee, Katherine Clark, Tom Suozzi, Jamie Raskin, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Alan Lowenthal, Kathy Manning, Mikie Sherell, Brad Schneider, Teresa Leger Fernandez, Sean Patrick Maloney, Lori Trahan, Mary Gay Scanlon, Josh Gottheimer, David Trone, Vicente Gonzalez, Kathy Castor, Bill Pascrell, Brian Higgins, Cheri Bustos, Kim Schrier, Kurt Schrader, Bill Keating, Bobby Scott, Ed Perlmutter, Dwight Evans, Lloyd Doggett, Cindy Axne, Michael San Nicolas, and Peter Welch among those accused of using inside trading advantages to get rich while in office, based on this bipartisan list. Integrity? Well, not like we would know it.    

Pelosi continued on her surreal path with this whopper of a statement:

During the 117th Congress, President Biden and Congressional Democrats have put forth a shining vision of justice for all.  Together, we have worked tirelessly to infuse this value into our legislative efforts.  We can all take immense pride in our achievements toward that goal, which is making a real difference in the lives of the American people.

Which would explain why the voters threw them out, right, Nance? 

It's so surreal, and part of a long surreal series of statements she makes, just to show people that she can make black white or orange green.

She's bonkers, and her last message proves it. Now she goes off to enjoy her pile of money made while in office. Thank goodness she won't be around to dish out more of this, this is her swan song of complete idiocy.

Image: Photo illustration by Monica Showalter with use of image by Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA 2.0, enhanced and edited with Adobe PhotoShop Elements.


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