Most of the media don’t mind a president who rules like a dictator, so long as he is a leftist

Poor Joe Biden.
He now must deal with a divided Congress, so he should just rule by government edict, according to this article.
Which is kind of rich.
In 2021, when Joe took office, Democrats had complete control of Congress, yet he decided on day one to act like a dictator anyway.
We didn't see the media call him a dictator or talk about abuse of power, and separation of duties, so Joe got away with it. 
Biden decided unilaterally to ignore immigration laws and to stop enforcing the border. Literally millions of illegals streamed in. If the president didn't want immigration laws enforced, his politicized Justice Department was happy to comply.
One of Biden's main goals was to destroy energy-producing companies, so he stopped a critical pipeline and put severe limits on drilling on public lands. Energy prices took off. 
Biden said that the Constitution prevented him from forgiving student loans but he is continuously trying to do that anyway. We hear few complaints from Democrats about abuse of power and separation of powers.
It always helps a dictator if he has a deep state that serve as essentially campaign workers and a politicized Justice Department led by a person who will do what he is told. 
If the teacher’s union wanted schools to be closed, Joe's CDC was at their beck and call, happily regurgitating their talking points.
If the National Association of school boards wanted to shut parents up, they went to the White House and penned a letter to the Justice Department asking for just that, and they got it. Attorney General Merrick Garland, without doing research, dutifully penned a letter of his own that threatened parents to shut them up. 
If the president and other Democrats wanted abortion on demand, the Justice Department treated peaceful protesters at abortion mills harshly and ignored radical leftists who destroyed pro-life centers. They have essentially become special and above the law. 
If an election is coming up, the Justice department will hide the Biden family corruption and tell the media to bury the story. The complicit media will bend over and claim that true information about the Biden’s is Russian misinformation. 
If classified documents are found hidden in Biden's office in files marked 'personal,' Garland will bury the story for months. 
No matter how destructive the policies are, the media will cheer and tell Biden how great he is doing. That is why he says he doesn't need to change anything. 
Biden says he won't negotiate with Republicans on the debt ceiling and the media will most likely claim it is all the Republicans' fault. 
During President Trump’s four years in office, the media and other Democrats sought to destroy and obstruct him every day. His policies were to give the money and power back to the people, yet he was called a dictator and illegitimate president to mislead the public. No matter how much he helped minorities, he was labeled a racist.
Today, Democrats call the filibuster racist, yet they used it more than 300 times in 2020 to obstruct Trump’s policies.
Not once did we see a headline: Trump could again play ‘implementer-in-chief’ in the face of Democrat obstruction.
We always hear the talking point that Biden is a decent human being who would bring back dignity to the White House but who is he?
The truth is Biden has used his powerful position in the government to gather massive kickbacks from foreign countries. That is pure corruption. 
Biden is also a congenital liar who continually rewrites his personal history, just like newly elected Rep. George Santos, whom the media trashes. 
And the most despicable personal trait I can think of is Joe and Jill absolutely ignore Hunter's love child. People should stop pretending that a couple who won’t even meet a child that embarrasses them should not be described as nice and empathetic
Biden clearly doesn't care about all the deaths at the border, doesn't care about babies born in botched abortions, and doesn't give a darn about his own grandchild. Why would anyone believe he cares about the rest of us? It does appear that he cares about his Corvette. 
Journalists are shameful when:
They support dictatorial actions by Biden (and President Obama, too).
They not only look the other way with Hillary Clinton and Biden family corruption, but they also censor the truth to hide it from the public before elections.
They ignore the women that the Clintons physically and mentally abused, as well as the woman, Tara Reade, who says Joe Biden sexually assaulted her.
They seek to destroy Trump, Ron DeSantis, Ronald Reagan, or any other Republican who gets in their way. They do not mind how much they must lie.
The media and other Democrats conduct endless witch hunts and investigations, the latest of which was to see Trump’s taxes and they found nothing.
Yet, there is little interest in analyzing Joe’s and Hunter's taxes to see where all the foreign kickbacks went and to make sure all transfers between Joe and Hunter were properly accounted for.
Is Biden going to pay income taxes on the increase in value on his beach property for the $500,000 fence taxpayers are funding? If not, why not?
The American media is far more guilty in interfering in our elections than Russia, China, or any other country.
It's a disgrace.
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