More proof that ‘gender affirming’ means ‘mutilating’

The transgender movement assaults America by turning children against their own bodies, alienating them from the American glue: Faith, family, and (because they become dependent on the state for “affirmative” and medical care) freedom. Leftists are raising an army of confused, angry, and sterile monsters willing to do anything to keep the lie alive. Perhaps some biological men in that army would go AWOL if they knew the post-surgical pain and dysfunction awaiting them.

Behind the “top” and “bottom” surgery euphemisms lie terrible realities. For women, “top surgery” means a mastectomy, or complete breast removal, something formerly limited to treating breast cancer.

As for “bottom surgery,” some women start with a hysterectomy:

Others have skin removed from their forearms to fashion a fake “penis”:

“Bottom surgery” for men is no better. Surgeons remove their penis and testicles and then carve a hole in their bodies to mimic a “vagina.” A recent poll of men who have had this surgery shows the terrible, lifelong trauma inflicted on them. (Note: The Daily Mail buys into the transgender movement’s language. A “trans woman” is a man.)

More than half of trans women who have ‘bottom’ surgery are in so much pain a year later they need medical attention, a study suggests.

Up to a third of patients also struggled to use the toilet or suffered sexual issues 12 months after the operation, which sees patients transitioning from male to female given a surgically constructed vagina.

Researchers from the Women’s College Hospital (WCH) in Ontario, Canada, analyzed the medical records of 80 patients who sought care from the clinic between three months and five years after having the operation.


The most common symptoms reported by post-op patients were pain (53.5 percent), bleeding (42.5 percent) and dilation issues (46.3 percent).

Severe side effects were much rarer, but in 12 cases - or 15 percent - patients experienced vaginal stenosis, the narrowing and shortening of the vagina. [Note: There is no vagina. There is simply a hole—an abscess, really—that surgeons carve into a healthy male body.]

In two other cases, patients had severe infections around the surgical site, and another two were hospitalized with mental health problems.

Much more common were minor outcomes like difficulty urinating (22.5 percent), sexual problems (33.8 percent), and poorly healing wounds (21.3 percent).

Sites encouraging “gender-affirming” surgery insist that people who have had the surgery can still experience sexual pleasure. However, a 2014 study, before transgenderism became a healthcare profit center and a political hot potato, conceded that the surgery (which is always packaged with hormones) is terrible for the male libido:

In retrospect, 62.4% of trans women reported a decrease in sexual desire after SRT. Seventy-three percent of trans women never or rarely experienced spontaneous and responsive sexual desire. A third reported associated personal or relational distress resulting in a prevalence of HSDD of 22%.


HSDD was more prevalent in trans women compared with trans men. The majority of trans women reported a decrease in sexual desire after SRT…

What makes this story significant is the swiftly rising number of genital mutilating surgeries. A study from November stated that “The demand for GAS [“Gender-affirming surgery”] has increased exponentially since 2014.” The data are shocking. In 2010, seven surgeries were identified in a database tracking these surgeries. By 2018, the number had risen to 1,096, “a 152-fold increase.”

Body mutilation, once embedded in a society, keeps going. In China, women had their feet bound for almost a thousand years. The Burmese Kayan women wear rings around their necks, deforming their clavicles, to make their necks appear elongated. And for centuries, Western women wore tight corsets that squished their internal organs to the point of chronic ill health.

Across the Muslim world (and in some non-Muslim parts of Africa), female genital mutilation (“FGM”) has been practiced for hundreds, possibly thousands of years. There is no small irony to the fact that leftists have opposed religion-based FGM because it is intended to control female sexuality while enthusiastically supporting American women who have FGM because it is an expression of their “gender identity.”

The left is waging an open war against children and the family. Perhaps if some of the cult members were made aware of what awaits them if they follow the road to its logical endpoint of mutilating surgery, they wouldn’t be so enthusiastic.

Image: Transgender by freepik.

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