More classified material found in Biden's Delaware home from his tenure as vice president and senator

A few hours ago, NBC News reported that six additional items, including documents with classified markings, were discovered at Joe Biden's home in Wilmington, Delaware, on Friday, January 20.

The White House had previously claimed on January 14 that the search for all classified documents was complete.

For a change, it wasn’t Biden’s lawyers but the Department of Justice conducting the search.



NBC News used ‘sources’ to claim that the White House, not the Justice Department, initiated the search.

This is how Democrat mouthpieces operate; when they want to peddle blatant falsehoods, they merely use anonymous sources as a crutch.

The ‘sources’ are trying to depict Biden’s White House as sticklers for the rules. It does make the DOJ look incompetent and indolent, but the goal here is to save Biden.

Bob Bauer, Biden's personal attorney, said that Biden's counsel offered full access to the premises as the department investigates his possession of classified material.

The difference in standards is stark.

Trump’s home was raided despite ongoing negotiations between the authorities and Trump’s lawyers about the handover of the documents. There was no indication that Trump’s team was trying to impede the transfer of documents back to the National Archives. Yet the agencies needlessly acted, directing the full force of the law against Trump, like hostile rottweilers.

The same agencies turned into servile poodles when it came to Biden. The DOJ requested access, and Biden’s attorney, through Biden himself, grants it. The media covered it as Biden being law-abiding and cooperative with the DOJ.

The media is also attempting to claim that there is uniformity in standards, i.e., both Trump and Biden have special counsels probing their mishandlings of classified documents.

But again, there is a difference.

The Justice Department assigned a special counsel to investigate the matter only when news of the discovery of the first batch caused a furor.

In Trump’s case, special counsel Jack Smith was appointed without basis. In fact, Attorney General Merrick Garland referenced Trump launching his presidential campaign as a factor influencing his decision. Most importantly, Smith’s is a criminal investigation.

There’s no indication of a criminal investigation into Biden's mishandling of sensitive documents.

The documents discovered on Friday were not just from Biden’s time as vice president, but also from his tenure in the U.S. Senate.

Biden’s tenure as senator ended in 2009, which means the classified documents were with him at an unauthorized location for at least 14 years.

The fact that nobody in the National Archives noticed missing documents for 14 years proves that the agency's attitude towards classified documents is casual. It seems very likely that other former presidents and senators must be in possession of classified documents, too. 

Yet it was only Trump's home that was raided, despite the fact that his aides were cooperating with officials.

The Democrats made this into an issue when there was no basis for it; now they must be held to the same standards they claim to care for.

The attempts by the Biden administration to cover up the scandal are equally troubling.

Biden’s attorneys discovered the first batch of classified records on Nov. 2, 2022, in Biden’s office space at his think tank, the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement in Washington, D.C.

But the White House and the government agencies buried this information for weeks because the midterms were merely days away and they didn’t want to hurt Democrat party prospects.

The New York Times revealed that Biden aides who were aware of the initial discovery on November 2 hoped that without going public, they could convince the Justice Department that the matter was little more than a minor, good-faith mistake. This “quiet cooperation” between Biden’s aides and the DOJ continued for weeks.

The Washington Post also reported that Biden’s aides and the DOJ agreed to bury the scandal.

The search for wrongdoing widened only after the DOJ and Biden’s personal attorneys agreed to hide the scandal from the press and the public.

Biden aides discovered a second batch of classified records at Biden’s garage in Wilmington on January 12. One of these documents was marked Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information, which is the highest level of classification. The White House and DOJ didn’t reveal the existence of a second batch of classified documents when CBS News contacted the White House about the first batch.

But the suppression of the news of the discovery wasn’t the only coverup.

When the second batch was discovered at Biden’s Delaware home, the White House claimed that they didn’t maintain a log of visitors.

Fox News reported that the U.S. Secret Service, which tracks those who are granted access to Biden's Delaware home, is prepared to offer names of individuals who visited, if requested by Congress.

The coverup continues, and the White House is simply refusing to divulge any more information about the matter.



The chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Rep. James Comer (R-KY), said he intends to probe the Biden administration’s conspiracy to hide the classified document scandal from the public.

The White House, Justice Department, and National Archives have so far stonewalled Comer’s requests for information related to the scandal.

There are myriad theories about what's at the root of the scandal.

Some experts are surprised that the news became public and think that plans are being laid to evict Biden from the White House.

Others think the probe into Biden may be a charade, i.e., Biden will be exonerated at the right time, to launch his re-election bid.

Irrespective of what the motive may be, it is time for the GOP to get much tougher and ram through the barriers placed by the deep state to get to the bottom of this scandal.

The investigation of the coverup deserves a probe by another special counsel.

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