Maybe it's time for Bill Gates to go fishing

A few years ago, I worked with a fellow who was very intense and took things a bit too seriously for his own health.  One day, his wife came in to join him for lunch, looked at her husband a bit frustrated on the phone with a customer, and said to him: "Honey, It's time to go fishing" or her way of telling him to wind down and relax a bit.

So let me give Bill Gates sort of the same advice:  Go fishing Mr. Gates, because you are getting obnoxious.  This is the story:  

The Microsoft co-founder and billionaire has reportedly backed an Australian-based startup looking to stop cows from burping methane emissions, pouring funds into research around livestock food supplements.

According to a press release, Gates’ firm Breakthrough Energy Ventures (BEV), with participation from Harvest Road Group, raised $12 million for Rumin8, a climate technology company.

Rumin8 studies solutions to reducing livestock emissions, and their latest initiative identifies "anti-methanogenic properties" that can be produced efficiently and for a low cost to eventually feed to livestock.  

 The dietary supplement is synthetically replicated from an active ingredient found in red seaweed called bromoform, which prohibits the creation of methane.    

Rumin8’s latest round of investments aims to build brand development and move the supplement toward commercialization, the press release states.

"The demand for sustainable protein has never been more apparent, which is why BEV is keenly interested in reducing methane emissions from beef and dairy," BEV founder and managing partner Carmichael Roberts said in a statement. "Rumin8 offers a low cost, scalable toolbox that has already proven to be effective in reducing emissions. Our team will support Rumin8 in working closely with farmers to expand the reach of this solution globally."

Sorry but am I the only person who is bit confused?  Reducing methane emissions from beef and dairy?  All I care about dairy and beef is eating a cheeseburger with a chocolate shake.  The world needs more cows because they feed us! And the link between cow emissions and the earth’s temperature is hypothetical, based on computer models that don’t work retroactively to predict today’s results.

What do we have in Mr. Gates?   We have another man with too much money and too many ideas about saving the world.   I would suggest that he'd look at encouraging Third World countries to grow their economies based on free market principles, for example.  Maybe he can tell young people to follow his lead, start a company, take a risk and make the world better by creating jobs.  And last but not least, he should tell people to stop asking him for money to plan all of these stupid projects about cow emissions.

Let's go fishing Mr. Gates and I'll pay for the 7-11 sandwiches.

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Photo credit: Kuhlman/MSC CC BY 2.0 license

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