Many states will soon have a budget problem. The culprit is clearly too much spending, not tax cuts as WaPo columnist claims

Catherine Rampell of the WaPo is correctly recognizing that states are sabotaging their finances. While she recognizes the coming problem, she blames tax cuts instead of overspending and depending on the rich as the culprit. Democrats rarely think they spend too much and rarely want to allow the people and businesses to keep more of what they earn

As recession looms (maybe), states sabotage their own finances

Rampell, like most journalists, has falsely blamed Trump's tax rate cuts for cutting federal revenues when revenues actually rose substantially after the rate cuts. Overspending has always been the problem in DC.

Many states sabotaged their finances a long time ago by running up their expenses and taxes. New York, California are especially guilty. New York and California have structured their taxes and spending based on "the rich" getting taxed to death. Those states see massive increases in revenue when the stock market does very well, and they suffer when the stock market goes down. They live by the sword and die by the sword.

They also have massive regulations and block oil and gas drilling, making it very expensive to live in their states.

It should not be a shock that the targeted rich and businesses leave their states to go to more welcoming states like Texas and Florida. They don't have income taxes, their budgets are smaller, and they won't have as big a problem when the next recession comes.

It would be helpful someday if journalists did research instead of just campaigning for Democrats and their big government policies.

The following is a table showing what high tax and no income tax states spend per person:


Population in Millions

Expense budget in Billions

Spending per person





New York













If high taxes and high spending were great government policies, California and New York would be attracting people and Florida and Texas would be losing people, but the reverse is true.

When it comes to big spending, legislators do not skimp on their own compensation. The highest three states for legislative pay are New York, California, and Illinois. New York lawmakers get $142,000, California $110,459, and Illinois $85,000. They have several things in common. They are run by Democrats, they are high tax states, they pretend they welcome immigrants, and they promote abortion on demand. And one more thing: people are leaving those states to move to more welcoming states.

We are constantly told by high tax and spend states that they have to pay high salaries to attract good people into politics, so why are high tax and spend states run so badly? Democrats never seem to have enough for themselves.

$32,000 Raises: What Brought N.Y. Lawmakers Back to Albany in December

Lawmakers returned for a one-day special session to approve raises for themselves that will make them the highest-paid state legislators in the nation.

The wage increase to $142,000, which comes four years after the lawmakers got their most recent holiday-time bump in pay, made the state’s 213 elected legislators the best compensated in the nation, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. That organization also counts New York’s legislators as among the hardest-working lawmakers in the country, despite a seemingly ever-shortening legislative calendar.

Lame duck legislature OKs pay hikes for lawmakers, statewide elected officials, agency heads

The pay raises would boost the annual salary of rank-and-file lawmakers to $85,000 from $72,906, a nearly 17% increase.

The media and other Democrats always claim that Republicans are far right extremists, and they are for the American people. Democrats are the radical extremists.

Here is what Chuck Schumer said this month:

What we’ve seen this week from House Republicans is more chaos and ultra MAGA proposals. House Republicans have been focused on delivering for wealthy special interests and the extreme wing of their party. Democrats will stand up for the American people.

In December, Democrats didn’t have time to increase the debt ceiling, but they had time to ram through a massive spending bill and sneak through a rule that would give them a $34,000 tax free pay bump. They are a greedy bunch.

New Rule Could Give House Lawmakers a Tax-Free $34,000 Pay Bump

Late last year, members quietly changed House rules to allow lawmakers to be reimbursed for the cost of lodging, food and other items while on official business in Washington.

A little-noticed rule change made quietly by Democrats in the final days of their majority last year could give House members a long-delayed increase in compensation, allowing them to be reimbursed for the cost of lodging, food and travel while they are on official business in Washington.

It is truly a shame that most people posing as journalists, not political operatives, support high spending, high tax Democrats no matter what they do and seek to destroy people who want to give the power and money back to the people.

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