Liddle’ Adam Schiff booted from Intel Cmte and immediately turns to Chinese spyware to grovel for cash

California’s creepiest little congressman — Shifty Schiff, Pencil Neck, Adam Schitt, call him whatever you like — recently received the boot from the House Intelligence Committee, and he’s showing just how wrong new House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is… by pleading his case using Chinese spyware. Watch the video below:

As a former member of the Committee, there’s no doubt that Schiff-for-brains has been included in briefings which would have detailed the privacy dangers of using TikTok; yet that’s the medium he chooses to get across the message that he’s been unfairly removed from the Committee which handles sensitive national security information?

You can’t write irony like this.

It didn’t take long for the Twitterverse to do what it does best; take a look at the simplest, most profound edit here:

Yes, the man who abused his position on the Committee to spread disinformation regarding the Laptop from Hell lost the seat because of “petty, political payback” — give me a break. As Monica Showalter notes:

Keeping Schiff off the Intelligence Committee will just keep him from using his position to spread falsehoods and lies to the public based on his committee status.  He can continue to lie without it now.

Naturally, when you’re accused of being a serial liar and leaker of sensitive material, you turn to questionable ChiCom social media platforms to prove your innocence.

Never one to waste an opportunity to beg for campaign cash (he just announced his run for the Senate), Shifty declared this wasn’t the end of his fight for “democracy” and asked the viewers to “contribute” — for Democrats, shameless money-grubbing always accompanies “civil service.”

Can we just let “democracy” die already so I never have to hear another uneducated and anti-Republic politician make the case for a national popular vote, or tyranny of the majority, or any other bad idea supported in the name of a government our Founders specifically avoided? Someone get this dweeb a copy of Federalist No. 10, stat!

Image: DonkeyHotey, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons, unaltered.

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