Lest he be labeled a hypocrite, President Trump needs a refresher in Anti-Abortion Apologetics 101

What is the discipline of apologetics?

A term most often used in reference to the Christian faith —  you may have heard of noted apologists like C.S. Lewis and R.C. Sproul — apologetics is a "systematic argumentative discourse" to intellectually defend a particular viewpoint.  Using reason and logic leaves no room for fallacy or emotionality, strengthening the defender's position and weakening the opposition's.

With that in mind, take a look at what President Trump said below:

Let's hone in on one thing:

It was the 'abortion issue,' poorly handled by many Republicans, especially those that firmly insisted on No Exceptions, even in the case of Rape, Incest, or Life of the Mother[.]

As you can see, Steve Deace castigated the president, as did many in the comments.

From someone who is a Christian, an anti-abortion absolutist, and still solidly behind my president, all I glean from President Trump's statement is that he is capable of erring, and in need of a crash course in anti-abortion apologetics.  So let's get to it.

(Let me preface this by defining the scope of my argument within the realm of the natural world — I can't begin to cover a transhumanist reality.)

When does a human life begin?  The objective answer would be that life begins at the moment of conception.  How do we know that?  Well, because before that moment, that entirely unique set of DNA did not exist, and given the nature of DNA, it can never be replicated again.  A self-contained genome, whether in one cell or one trillion cells, distinguishes one human being from the next.  If you were to look at your own life, and start counting backwards, your individuality never changed between one moment and the next.  You have grown, but every feature and unique aspect that makes you you was decided at the moment that egg and sperm met.  You could break down the units of time into years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds, nanoseconds, etc., and if you are a human being at any time, then following the logic, any dividing line in that timeline would be purely arbitrary — you were always a human being.  Before the moment of conception, you did not exist.  Your mother's egg and your father's sperm existed, but that was their DNA, not yours.

Upon conception, humanity is established.  What next?  Well, it's important to define what we mean by abortion: the elective killing of a preborn person.

Is taking the life of an innocent person wrong?  Yes, of course.  Ergo, abortion as we've defined it is always wrong, because it is an intentional act to exact a death penalty on someone undeserving — and this is where President Trump falls victim to fallacy.  If abortion is wrong because it kills an innocent person, then tragic circumstances of conception are not grounds to end a life.  Concede to the "rape and incest" position, and the entire anti-abortion movement collapses in on itself, and you become not at all different from the pro-murder leftist.  "Compromise" says this: the right to life begins at conception, unless...the child is the product of rape or incest...or the child will grow up in poverty...or the mother isn't ready to be a mother...  It's all the same. Two wrongs do not make a right, and what kind of "justice" sees an innocent person pay in place of the guilty?

I often show people two images, two ultrasounds of two children in the womb.  Their cherubic profiles with little noses and little lips, little legs, and little feet.  I lay out this hypothetical: "One of these children was conceived in an incestuous rape.  Which one needs to die for his father's sin?"  These children are indistinguishable from one another, and you cannot deny their humanity.

When you're dealing with innocent life, any line excusing execution is arbitrary.  Being well versed in anti-abortion apologetics is crucial in turning the tide from the culture of death.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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