Leftists Joaquin Castro and AOC buck for Brazil's Bolsonaro to be deported back to Brazil

Deportation used to be a dirty word to far-left Democrats, until someone told them about Brazil, a country they'd never paid any attention to until now.

We're getting this from Rep. Joaquin Castro, the weaselly leftist from Texas so malevolent that he once doxxed his own donors:

Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) called the Biden administration to extradite former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro back to his country in the wake of violent protests that rocked the capital city of Brasilia on Sunday. ...

Bolsonaro is currently in Florida, staying at a house he rented near Disney, just south of Orlando. ...

Mentioning Bolsonaro's presence in Florida and recent reports that he was under investigation for corruption, Castro declared "he should be extradited to Brazil." ...

"He's a dangerous man," Castro added. "They should send him back to his home country of Brazil."

"Are you calling on the Biden administration or authorities in Florida to return Bolsonaro, put him on a plane and send him to Brazil as soon as possible?" Acosta asked.

"Yes, absolutely," Castro replied. "Bolsonaro should not be in Florida. The United States should not be a refuge for this authoritarian who is inspired domestic terrorism in Brazil. He should be sent back to Brazil."

Note how Castro here, and elsewhere, has repeatedly used the word "authoritarian" to describe the Brazilian Trump-like populist, who expanded freedom in Brazil by cutting regulations and taxes, quite unlike the man who succeeded him, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, an open admirer of the communist Cuban dictatorship and a friend and ally of Venezuela's late strongman and self-declared communist, Hugo Chávez, who plans to pretty well put Brazil, according to this account in the leftist U.K. Guardian, under control of the United Nations. 

That's some claim to authoritarianism we are getting from this Castro, who, by the way, knows nothing about Brazil.

Not to be outdone, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez echo-chambered Castro with the same call to action:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) said the United States must "cease granting refuge" to former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro in Florida as supporters of the former president stormed the Brazilian Congress and presidential palace on Sunday. ...

"Nearly 2 years to the day the US Capitol was attacked by fascists, we see fascist movements abroad attempt to do the same in Brazil. We must stand in solidarity with Lula's democratically elected government," Ocasio-Cortez wrote.

The Washington Examiner has a collection of her tweets.

It's strange stuff, because neither of these characters knows anything about Brazil, nor have they ever shown interest in the place.  They have few or no Brazilian-American constituents (if they did, they were virtually all Bolsonaro voters, as reports indicated); they do not speak Portuguese, which is not the same as Spanish, contrary to what they may think; and they have never expressed any interest in this country in the past.

Oh, but they are on it, because they "smell" a comparison of Brazil and its electoral woes as an extension of their war on President Trump and are eager to virtue-signal and attack another populist.  If Bolsonaro is a friend of Trump's, they want to "get" him, too, jail him, as will happen if he is sent back, if for nothing else, then for payback for Lula's time in jail for corruption, and they are willing to abuse state means of doing so.

Because the truth of the matter is, they have no case against Bolsonaro whatsoever.

Bolsonaro has disavowed the violence that did happen in Brazil over the weekend, condemning it, actually, and now lies in a hospital bed in Orlando, with extreme abdominal pain that has given him recurrent problems, based on a stabbing attack by a socialist fanatic during to his 2018 presidential campaign.  The guy is sick and in a hospital bed, and they are showing their true colors by calling for the gendarmes.  Such a compassionate bunch.

What's more, Bolsonaro didn't appear to have anything to do with the riot, which was brought on by persistent reports that Lula, who won his election by getting just enough votes to put him over the top, is in office through election fraud, with reports of problems with the voting machines.  That may or may not be correct — they did get the election done in one night, after all, and Breitbart, of all sources, reported last August that the machines seemed legit.  All the same, more recent reports suggest that not all of the machines cited were the ones used, and here is one report that cites problems.  We know that a lot of people in Brazil think so. 

Prior to going to the hospital for post–stab wound pain, Bolsonaro was seen tooling about Orlando, visiting a Publix and taking pictures with tourists.  He didn't even get a chance to meet with President Trump, who's a two-hour drive away in Palm Beach.

But now the harpies of the left are on him, proposing that Biden sic the state on Bolsonaro, who has broken absolutely zero U.S. laws and hasn't created any problems here.  There is no legal case to send in the troops and the deportation plane.

That doesn't mean it might not happen anyway, given that suddenly, Joe Biden, who also has shown no interest in Brazil, suddenly wants Lula at his side in the White House.  He's called on Lula to come visit him there next month, and Lula plans to come.

This reeks of Biden, AOC, and Castro plotting to "get" Bolsonaro and nakedly interfere with the internal affairs of another country, all in the name of promoting election fraud as normal and attempting to seal their own legitimacy in the wake of January 6.  They are in that bad of shape on the legitimacy front that they want to make every dispute overseas about an election a matter of "baseless" claims of election fraud, projecting their own political agendas onto other countries.  In AOC's case, that support for any election now extends to the flaming-fraud elections seen in socialist hellholes like Venezuela. 

Rest assured that there will be conflicts if guys like Biden get away with this — even the Guardian notes that the U.S. and Brazil under Lula have significant differences in foreign policy.

But right now, Lula is useful, and Bolsonaro is even more useful (as a Trump-like bogeyman).  In ensuring that Bolsonaro is jailed in Brazil, which is what will happen if he is sent back, these loudmouths are trying to reap political hay.

What jackasses.  Except that with this "by any means necessary" crowd, they might get away with it.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 2.0.

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