Leftists chase the chimera of White supremacy

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee is at it again. Now, she’s trying to make it criminal to oppose Democrat party policies and platforms. To that end, she proposed a bill making “conspiracy to commit White supremacy” a federal crime, complete with jail terms. A special focus of the bill is “replacement theory,” which points out the obvious, which is that a constant stream of illegal aliens heading across the Southern border will inevitably outnumber—that is, replace—America’s homegrown population.

Notably, the bill doesn’t define what constitutes “White supremacy.” That may be because Jackson Lee knows that there are almost no “hate crimes” in America committed by self-proclaimed “White supremacists.” Instead, hate crimes come from another direction entirely.

Lee’s legislative proposal is based on spurious data about increasing hate crimes by White supremacists. Data implicating White people in hate crimes is overblown, and the FBI knows this. A Fordham Law School study had the data as of 2007: “Despite the fact that a significant level of overtly anti-black Latino gang violence…the FBI’s statistical collection of hate crime incidents…tabulates suspected offenders by race. This is White, black, Asian, and American Indian.” Ninety-six percent of Latinos are grouped as White, and so are Middle Eastern criminals. “This perpetuates the notion that hate crimes are solely a White and non-White problem.”

Image: Sheila Jackson Lee. YouTube screen grab.

Gang members are responsible for 48% of violent crimes. Members are 11.5% White, 46% Latino, and 35% Black. This means Whites are given attribution for the violent crimes of 58% of gang members. How much is motivated by racial hatred? “An increasing number of gang crimes appear to be racially motivated.” Latino gangs in Los Angeles in 2007, 2011, and 2016 engaged in ethnic cleansing and the fire-bombing of black communities, and these would have been attributed to Whites.

There are other problems with the FBI’s hate crime statistics, such as inconsistency. Buffalo mass murderer Peyton Gendron was appropriately charged with a hate crime and as a domestic terrorist, but Waukesha mass murderer and vile anti-White racist Darrell Brooks was not charged with either.

Saying that there is a trend of increasing hate crimes by White supremacists is not only incorrect, but it also mischaracterizes where America is experiencing increasing hate. From 2020 to 2021, hate crimes against White people and Asians were up, while crimes against Blacks and Latinos were down.

The bill also implies that hate crime perpetrators are disproportionately White, which is untrue. Known hate crime offenders across the U.S. who were Whites were 55.2%, but at least 20% of those “Whites” were Latinos. Non-Hispanic Whites are 60.3% of the population, so this makes them disproportionately under-performers on hate crimes. Blacks were 20.2% of known offenders. Blacks make up 13.6% of the population, so this makes them disproportionately overachievers.

Regarding shutting down discourse on the southern border as an entry point for new Democrat voters, maybe Ms. Lee can explain why the left is making it so easy to enter the United States by claiming asylum when everyone knows that only about 30% will qualify while the rest will add to the illegal pool—an illegal pool they are trying to convert to naturalized citizens.

Ms. Lee’s H.R. 61 Leading Against White Supremacy Act of 2023 is just one more piece of propaganda on the fake narrative of the scourge of White supremacy. That is, Democrats claim that White supremacists create policies enabling whites to maintain power over other races. If there is a scourge of White supremacy in the US, it plays out against a backdrop of legislation and regulatory policies enforcing equality of opportunity, giving preferences to non-Whites in university admissions, Covid treatments, and government employment, and having immigration policies that have reduced the White population from 88.7% in 1960 to 60.3% in 2020.

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