Kevin McCarthy parries CBS journalist pushing to expel George Santos from Congress

On Face the Nation yesterday, among other things, the embedded Democrat host Margaret Brennan pressed House Speaker McCarthy to remove Rep. George Santos from the House.   Here is just one of Brennan's comments telling the American people she thinks Santos should be removed from Congress.

Photo credit: CBS News screengrab

MARGARET BRENNAN: If you got a third of your caucus to vote to oust him, you could do so.


MARGARET BRENNAN: Do you -- you don't think you could get your Republicans to do that?

At no point did Brennan explain why she believed the congressman should lose his House seat now. Liars abound in Congress and the White House.

At least twice, in response, the Speaker simply indicated that the congressman had been elected.

What would have been the difficulty if the Speaker had informed Brennan that he understands that the congressman she refers to is more than 25 years old, has been a citizen for more than seven years, and resides in the State of New York, where his district is located -- and these are the qualifications in the Constitution to be eligible for election to the House of Representatives.

The Speaker might have added, "And Margaret, if you want  authority on this issue, I can call your attention to the 1969 Supreme Court ruling on this point and/or I  can quote James Madison on the subject, from Federalist No. 52."

This would likely leave Brennan sniveling:  "But did you have to put him on a committee?"


And the Speaker would send Brennan rushing to a break with, "Margaret, I think you are adjudicating guilt to a member of Congress who has just been sworn-in and has a clean slate."

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