It is no wonder the media has lost the trust of the people

Most journalists have been pushing an agenda for a long time instead of reporting objectively or based on facts. This includes news and opinion journalists.

Now, we see a Washington Post article saying that the media can regain the trust of the people even if they intentionally are not objective. But if the media are pushing ideas on social policies and political activity, they are propagandists, not journalists. They are seeking to indoctrinate instead of educate their readers.

 Newsrooms that move beyond ‘objectivity’ can build trust

What's needed for each are clear and consistent policies regarding social media and political activity.

By Leonard Downie Jr.

The media, government bureaucrats, and other Democrats pedaled lies about Russian collusion for years to destroy Trump. That was not subjective reporting. Those were intentional lies. 

In 2020, the media, government bureaucrats, and other Democrats buried the truth about Biden family corruption by falsely calling it Russian disinformation. Those were intentional lies, not subjective reporting. 

Democrats have challenged elections for years. Yet, the media did not call them far-left, extremist, election deniers who were seeking to destroy our country and who should not be allowed to hold office. The name-calling was reserved for Republicans, especially Trump. That was subjective and biased reporting meant to mislead the American people. 

The media went along when Biden falsely called voter integrity laws Jim Crow laws. The lies were meant to gin up racial hate and division.

No matter how much the CDC and Fauci got wrong, the media pretended that everything they did was based on science and set out to silence anyone who disagreed with them. People who didn’t take an experimental vaccine that did not prevent the virus were said to want people to die and were fired. That was supported by subjective and biased reporting. 

How many children were permanently harmed due to government edicts that were not based on science yet were supported by a very compliant media?

In 2009, President Obama went around the country intentionally lying about Obamacare. The complicit media supported Obamacare even though they had no idea what was in the law. Pelosi wouldn’t even let her minions in the House see the bill before they voted on it, so how would a truthful media support it?

The Obama administration used the complicit media to spread lies to get the dangerous deal done with terrorists in Iran who continue to pledge death to America. 

Where’s the outrage over Obama’s fake news peddling

Example #1 was revealed earlier this year, when Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes — the brother of CBS News President David Rhodes — literally bragged to the New York Times how easy it was for the administration to dupe reporters when shaping a narrative to their liking.

No matter how many false predictions the UN, Biden, Kerry, Gore, and others make about natural resources causing an existential threat of climate change, the media just repeats the false predictions and calls it settled science. People who tell the truth that the climate has always changed cyclically and naturally are falsely called climate change deniers to shut them up. 

These false predictions are greatly harming the poor and middle class, but the subjective and biased media clearly don't care.

The media claims they care about laws and corruption, but they campaign for corrupt, career criminals like the Bidens and the Clintons. 

The media claims that no one is above the law and the Justice Department is now an independent agency that doesn’t care about political affiliation. That is the biggest lie of all. 

The media is properly attacking Santos for his fictional biography, but they have never cared about Biden’s fictional biography that seems to change every day. 

Journalists who believe it is their job to push a political agenda instead of reporting objectively and factually is a much dangerous threat to our survival as a great country than anyone who challenges elections. 

Graphic credit:  Nick YoungsonCC BY-SA 3.0 license.

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