In California, college kids rake in $10,000 each to push climate hysteria, crickets as food, and leftism on minors

Published today at PJ Media and authored by Victor Davis Hanson is a new piece titled, "Did Someone or Something Seize Control of the United States?"  Hanson launches into a litany of questions to drive home his final point: "We are beginning to wake up from a nightmare to a country we no longer recognize, and from a coup we never knew."

Well, I'd like to add a few more questions to his list:

When did we nullify Article I, Section II, Clause III of the Constitution, which requires that direct taxes be "apportioned"?  (Oh, that's right — with the ratification of the 16th Amendment in 1913.)

Once a bastion of intellectual thought, how does an academic field whose apocalyptic climate predictions have been entirely wrong have any credibility?

Why is it acceptable to rob Peter in order to pay Paul?

When did self-indulgence become a virtue and self-sacrifice a sin?

California is the tax burden that keeps on growing.

Reported yesterday by Dmytro "Henry" Aleksandrov at Headline USA:

The leftist California government will be paying college students $22 an hour — almost $7 above the state's minimum wage — for 450 hours of pushing the notion that the planet is going to melt.

According to Aleksandrov, the organization responsible for this behemoth of thievery is #CaliforniansForAll College Corps, which falls under the jurisdiction of a governor-appointed bureaucracy, California Volunteers.

California taxpayers are suffering tremendously under "green" communism and cultural Marxism, and now their hard earned dollars will fund its "activists."  (From a previous blog post touching on the state's high taxation: "California taxpayers are shouldering debt burdens on par with peripheral Eurozone states.")

Remember when Newsom appeared in a televised advertisement pleading for Californians to stop using their air-conditioners during the historic wave of sweltering heat, all to save the power grid, all while wearing multiple clothing layers in an air-conditioned studio?

See below:

Aleksandrov adds:

California's College Corps program applies to 3,200 'low-income' students from 46 universities in California. Of those students, there are 500 illegal aliens that are called 'dreamers,' whose education is paid for by taxpayers once again. ...

A program brochure broke down students into different categories for their paid activist chores. Half of them will indoctrinate minors who do not already attend one of the state's indoctrination centers — also known as 'tutors or mentors in K-12 education.' Nearly 30% of students will 'address food insecurity' and 22% will be 'taking climate action.' The brochure also boasted that 80% of those students are 'students of color.'

The price tag for this program?  A whopping $32,000,000.

The welfare state will be our downfall.

Image: Government of California, public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

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