In California, a jaywalking ticket is racist

It's 2023, and the state of California has a number of crazy laws going into effect that tells you the juggernaut that is the fascist, woke left is rolling right along.

There's S.B. 107, passed last September.  S.B. 107 make California an official sanctuary state for transgender children.  It affords protection for the use of drugs and surgery to provide "gender-affirming" treatment to those who travel from states that restrict their use.  The bill gives "refuge" to minors and their families "if they're being criminalized in their home states."

Of course, no legislative session in California is complete without something expanding abortion.  Now, an abortion doesn't have to be performed by a medical doctor in the Golden State.  S.B. 1375 allows nurse practitioners and nurse-midwives to perform the procedure without the supervision of licensed physician, as long as it's in the first trimester (when most abortions are performed).  It should be noted that training to perform terminations of pregnancy is not part of the education of these providers.  That means that midwifery and certain other nursing programs will be hustling to include training in performing these procedures, the quality of which is uncertain.  Expect a spate of abortion-related complications in the coming year as exponentially larger numbers of personnel get their hands "wet."

The California Legislature continues its march to socialism with a new law (A.B. 257) that gives the state full control of fast food chains.  A committee composed of ten appointees (unlikely to be working in fast food) would serve to make decisions regarding wages and working conditions for the industry.  Get ready for the $19.99 Whopper.  At present, I should note that the law is on hold after a number of restaurants petitioned against it.  Given the judicial system in California, though, do you expect it not to be approved?

Last but not least is the "Freedom to Walk" act (AB 2147).  This act gives you the freedom to cross in the middle of the street — that is, if you're a member of an oppressed minority.  Governor Gavin Newsom signed a law that decriminalizes jaywalking because of "racism."  Yes, stopping a jaywalker "of color" is apparently racist.  California believes that police frequently use devious and nefarious means to detain minorities.  If you jaywalk in poor neighborhoods, you must be dealing crack.  It appears that racism is alive outside the crosswalks of California streets, ensnaring poorer communities that can't afford to pay the ticket.  I should mention that you can cross only if it's safe — a judgment that will be made after you've darted out between parked trucks and been run over by an SUV.

Of course, I can't say that every law in Florida, my home state, is completely reasonable.  There's a law that prohibits unmarried women from parachuting on Sunday.  If an elephant is left tied to a parking meter, you'll be ticketed if time runs out just as a vehicle would.  Oh, and remember that it's illegal not to tell your neighbors their house is on fire!

Having admitted Florida's failings, at least our crazy laws aren't a highway to a woke hell in a handbasket.  You won't be detransitioning in your twenties, losing your medical license by giving legitimate advice, and swerving to avoid crowds crossing in the middle of the block.  I'm sure California's 2023 legislative session will be even more interesting.

Image: Picryl.

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