How the 'vaccine lies' will play out

The internet is exploding with talk of sudden deaths, vaccine injuries, and altered immune systems — and it's coming from all corners of the world.

The National Herald India ran a story in December titled "Covid-19: What explains the sudden deaths?"  In Australia, an alternative news service declared, "Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) is taking the world by storm" while openly blaming the COVID vaccine.

Over at Channel News Asia, their report, "Sudden deaths: Why do seemingly fit and healthy people die for no apparent reason?," blames most of the deaths on undiagnosed, underlying heart problems — and never mentions the vaccine.

While speculation runs rampant, and social media are creating hashtags like #suddenlydied, one man seems to have a plan to counteract the craziness: let the people know how it's going to play out before it happens.

Media personality and conservative journalist J.D. Rucker runs the news aggregator site The Liberty Daily as well as other websites like his new project, Discern Report

Earlier this week, he began his Substack report by imploring people to speak the truth about the vaccines as soon as possible: "We're seeing the truth starting to penetrate the shields of those who have ignored the signs for two years.  Now, it's imperative that we drive the message home before it's too late."

Rucker continued:

The rise of adverse reaction concern is a good and bad thing.  It's good for obvious reasons.  It's bad because the powers-that-be are doubling down on their push to keep the universal vaccination agenda going for as long as possible.

He went on to tell his readers and podcast listeners that the "powers" behind the vaccine push knew they would eventually be caught; they never believed they could get away with it.  The goal, he says, was always to get as many people "jabbed" as many times as possible before the populace realized there was a problem.

Here is how he believes it's going to go down:

The efficacy and the safety of the vaccines will be proven wrong.  But with so many people involved in this, everyone will be pointing fingers at anyone but themselves.  Eventually, they'll all point their fingers at Donald Trump and blame Operation Warp Speed.  This is the point where his most fervent fans will chastise me for blaming him, but I'm not.  The powers that be will blame him.  Pfizer will blame him.  China will blame him.  The CDC will blame him.  Anthony Fauci will blame him.  They'll all say that they wanted to do longer testing but he demanded the jabs be available before the 2020 election.   So they rushed it and made mistakes.

So what's the plan?  Tell everyone this is going to happen before it happens.  That way, he reasons, "[w]e will be able to argue more credibly against the powers that be who are playing dumb."

There are so many people involved in the vaccination agenda, directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly, that it will be nearly impossible to blame them individually.  "They can be shamed, but they won't be blamed."  To alleviate this, Rucker predicts, everyone will start pointing fingers at others, and eventually at former President Trump.

Rucker maintains that Trump should have come out against the vaccines as far back as 2021.  In his podcast, however, he assures people he's not blaming Trump:

I think he was manipulated by people like Mike Pence who was working with Anthony Fauci.  He was manipulated by his various chiefs of staff ... by everybody from a medical perspective in my humble opinion ... other than people like Dr. Scott Atlas [and] Peter Navarro[.] ... It doesn't matter.  The point is they are going to blame him.

The fact is, many of President Trump's supporters are concerned about vaccine injuries and increasing reports of sudden deaths.   He's listened to them before; he needs to listen to them again.  It's not too late for him to lead the people in their quest for answers.

Regardless, Rucker says it's time for the people to take advantage of "this very small window of opportunity" to make everyone fully aware of what's going on before they drag us to the next step:  

[They will tell us,] "Thanks to our coordination with the Chinese Communist Party ... the World Health Organization ... The Council for Inclusive Capitalism ... the World Economic Forum and Sweden and Australia and everybody else; we're all going to come together with this Pandemic Treaty — and we've got the solution."

"And the solution will be another round of jabs," he concluded.

Ultimately, Rucker says, they can't be allowed to perpetuate their lies.  The truth must come out now in order to stave off whatever they have planned for us next.

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