High school gun raffle drives leftists insane

The North Stokes High School baseball team in Danbury, N.C. is once again raffling off seven very nice guns in a fundraising effort, sold through Betty's Outdoors.  The drawing will be held on March 10, 2023.  Keep in mind that the prizes can be picked up or traded for actual cash value for other items from Betty's Outdoors, Inc.  And since they are an FFL, all applicable laws will be strictly followed.

You would be correct in saying, "So what?," or "Where can I buy a ticket?"  

Not so for the collectivist Karens of the fascist far left, who will exploit any opportunity to complain about our commonsense civil rights.  Anyone with a heart, a soul, and a sense of decency knows that we don't lose our rights just because some criminal does something wrong.  

It's always bad news when the cancel culture crosses paths with constitutionally affirmed civil rights — when the cancelers decide we're to be subjected to collective punishment due to the crimes of a few mass murderers.

It's the same old story, with the far-left media in high dudgeon, complaining about fundraising for a sports team.  One criticism found on the web went into excruciating detail about how this came to the complainer's attention in a shadow play of two-bit spycraft that implies that the far-left purveyors of cancel culture are the true victims.

The author of the piece describes a plain white letter envelope, handwritten label, and no return address.  These are the tools of tipsters fearful of reprisal or recrimination.

Inside was a photocopy of a flyer advertising a fundraiser for the North Stokes High School baseball team.

Raffle tickets, $10 a pop, are being sold. Seven guns — three pistols, three rifles and a shotgun — are billed as the headlining prizes. ...

Three pistols suitable for concealed carry and target shooting. Three rifles, all bolt-action, designed for sport hunting. And one 20-gauge shotgun suitable for shooting clays, hunting small game and yes, home defense.

Of course, the infiltrator was just relaying facts that can easily be found with a casual internet search.  You don't even have to travel.  

For those interested, these are the prizes:

  • Savage Camo 17HMR Bolt Action Rifle/Scope CZ Drake 20ga Over/Under Shotgun 
  • Glock 30G4 45 ACP Semi Auto Pistol 
  • Springfield Hellcat 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol 
  • Sig Sauer P365 Micro 9mm Semi Auto Pistol 
  • Browning AB3 Stalker 270 Bolt Action Rifle 
  • Bergara B-14 Wilderness 6.5crd Bolt Action Rifle

The rest of the tirade from the intrepid reporter is the usual litany of leftist tropes questioning the validity of constitutionally protected products and basic human rights, because of feelings.  As though we're supposed to collectively pay for the crimes of a few mass murderers.  The collectivist controllers are always sure to take advantage of every tragedy, ghoulishly exploiting someone else's pain for their political gain — especially when they can use it to grab your guns.  

We could ask why leftists don't hold themselves responsible for the massive fentanyl crisis, born of Biden's wide open border policy.  Apparently, they care about dead children only when they can exploit an issue to attack our commonsense civil rights.  But we digress.

Leftists are ever the victim minority and the self-righteous majority (just how does that work?).  They are both the cancel culture enforcers and the oppressed whenever they don't get their way.  Somehow, they think their cultural dictatorship should rule the day, and if they don't approve of your right to defend yourself, then mere pieces of metal, plastic, and wood should be banished from our society. 

They go after these events to turn people away from exercising their basic human and civil rights.  For people who regularly lie with their labeling and falsely call themselves "liberals," they don't especially care about individual liberty.  

Thus, the pro-freedom right should always push back by publicizing these events and having them go viral in response, as a way of showing the fascist far left that it doesn't get to dictate our cultural norms or our commonsense civil rights.  So pass the word along for these types of fundraisers, and, if you can, buy a ticket to the raffle.  We've got a feeling they're going to sell "fast and furious" now.

D Parker is an engineer, inventor, wordsmith, and student of history, the director of communications for a civil rights organization, and a long-time contributor to conservative websites.  Find him on Substack.

Image via Pxhere.

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