Heard about the Chicago public schools grooming gangs?

It was a story that came and went a few days ago.

The Chicago Board of Education's Inspector General's office came up with an annual report noting hundreds -- and hundreds -- of sexual incidents by Chicago public school teachers commiting crimes against students in their "care" -- groomings, rapes, "love" affairs, and inappropriate sexual touching and encounters. The figure was described in the report as "an extraordinary high case volume." Kira Davis at RedState has descriptions of some of the most revolting activities.

According to the Daily Caller:

The OIG’s Sexual Allegations Unit (SAU) opened 447 cases investigating teachers for allegedly grooming, sexually assaulting, or raping CPS students last school year, following the 325 opened in 2021. Of the open cases, the SAU closed 600 over the past 12 months, according to the OIG annual report, reported ChicagoCityWire.

SAU investigated a Chicago high school substitute teacher for grooming several students for sex and engaging in sexual acts with at least one student on school property, the OIG found.

The CPS teacher allegedly talked to students about their sex lives in person and through social media, cell phones, and “other common grooming techniques,” according to the OIG. The report stated the teacher gave the “student unnecessary passes to exclude her from class, and encouraging students to confide in him about personal problems.”

That's a lot of kids damaged by the public schools, and given the low attention this report has received, very little outrage.

 Undoubtedly, there are more such crimes of this nature that go unreported as such things go. If you were a kid, would you even know who to report such unthinkable acts to? You wouldn't have any idea who could be trusted and you'd probably see your claim swept under the rug if not get yourself penalized for reporting it.

It's also a very good reason to leave the public schools. And yes, people are leaving.

In Chicago, some 322,106 kids are enrolled at 635 public, charter, contract, and ironically-named "SAFE" schools in the 2022-2023 school year. That enrollment figure represents a decline of 6,000 students in 2019, 15,000 students in 2020, with the pandemic lockdowns and Zoom classes blamed, and another 10,000 students gone in 2021, a 3% decline cited here. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, citing an analysis, the schools' enrollment is expected drop as low as 262,000 by 2025.

Three percent here, five percent there and the declines get obvious. People are getting out, and now with the report about the hired perverts running the schools and coming in contact with the children with few consequences, there are bound to be more. 

The teachers' union in Chicago, Randi Weingarten's American Federation of Teachers, so praised by Joe Biden, has done nothing and said nothing about it so far as I can tell, and I did look, focusing instead on promoting critical race theory into the school system. Left unsaid is that the union ensures that firing any of these teachers involved in this activity is virtually impossible. Chicago's public schools's firing rate of bad teachers owing to their union membership, as of a few years ago, is 0.1%.

What's vivid here amid all this widespread predatory behavior from the teaching classes, which like Harvey Weinstein, are prolific campaign donors to Democrats, is that the low outrage factor stands in sharp contrast to the sexual abuse scandals of the Catholic Church, which was ordered by courts to pay billions in reparations to the victims, has seen its leaders publicly apologize for the abuses, and has many programs now to prevent child abuse by perverts in authority. This activity was evil and inexcusable and rightly punished.

As for the more widescale abuse now seen in Chicago's public schools, along with comparable scandals in the Los Angeles public school system, and other bad cases in New York and other blue cities, well, crickets. The perversion has gotten out of control in Chicago and the story barely makes the national news. 

What a stunning double standard here. Why are these filthy, predatory, teachers preying on young students not the tops of national news and why isn't the teachers' union protecting their jobs not on the hot seat? Why isn't there legislation to force big payouts from the bloated salaries, union dues, and pensions of the teaching class to the victims, to ensure that this kind of behavior is never tolerated. Apparently they have gotten so decadent they don't even notice their own role in failing to foster a culture of respect for students, and enabling the problem.

It's sad stuff. The only thing left now is to watch the students and their parents vote with their feet.

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