Establishment media no longer protecting Biden, another potent signal to him that he won’t be in the White House after January 21, 2025

It’s only taken a week for Joe Biden to lose all three pillars of power that have served to get him elected as president and protected him from the consequences of his incompetence in office. Andrew Weissmann, the ruthless chief of staff of the Mueller special counsel investigation is warning him of his legal jeopardy he faces from the politicized Department of Justice in the wake of leaks about him planning to run for re-election. Political insiders like David Gergen (and in an update, hatchet man Adam Schiff) are letting him know that they will offer tepid at best defense for him. And the last pillar of Democrat power, the corporate media, is not on board Team Biden anymore, either.

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No less than AP’s White House correspondent Zeke Miller is warning Biden.

Joe Biden offered himself to Americans as a president they wouldn’t have to think about after the tumult of his predecessor. But an excruciating week of awkward disclosures and the appointment of a special counsel to investigate classified records found at his Delaware home and a former office dating to his time as vice president is beginning to strain his claim to competence.

While questions about Biden’s competence are no shock to readers of this and other conservative websites, it has been an article of faith in the corporate media that with Trump out of the White House, “the adults are in charge again.” Except that chief adult is a dolt, never smart in his prime, and is now well into senescence -- a truth that has been regarded as a state secret among his media defense corps. Now that they are admitting he may be noncompetent, the door is open on a flood of embarrassment reaching the pub lic that never watches Fox News or reds conservative publications.

Retired FBI special agent Mark Wauck writes at his Meaning in History site:

This, coming from a certified MSM source is a clear sign that Zhou [Biden] is being told: Sooner, not later.

Of course, this raises a lot of questions.

Start with, Was there some straw that broke the camel’s back? It seems clear that this hit was coordinated. The discoveries and leaks had to have been coordinated with the National Security agencies, working with political leaders—no doubt with the Gang of Eight members playing a significant role. The lack of any pushback from prominent party leaders and the collapse of any defense of Zhou from the usual pundits—after only the briefest flurry of defenses, mostly by way of attacking Trump—is another clear indicator of coordination.

But what about the timing? Some have suggested that this now puts Kama Sutra [Kamala Harris] in place to run for two full terms as POTUS. But Kama Sutra is one of the few political figures in this country who can make Zhou look remotely competent and/or savory. She’s a disaster waiting to happen, and everyone knows it. She will undoubtedly be replaced in 2024—if not sooner. What was the sense of desperation that led to jumping from the frying pan into the fire—if that’s what’s going to happen? We’re in the middle of a war that has developed into an existential crisis for the American Empire, and it’s going badly. Just as bad, and closely related, all knowledgeable forecasters are expecting a sharp economic crisis in the coming year. How could putting Kama Sutra in the Oval Office be an improvement, unless something far worse were going on behind the scenes? There is nothing in her past that makes her remotely qualified to guide the Empire at this critical juncture.

We’re unlikely to know the truth of what’s really going on any time soon. Not if the Deep State has anything to say about it. On the other hand, the existential nature of the challenges facing the American Empire could lead to unexpected consequences. For the time being, keep your eyes peeled for some quid pro quo for the GOP. This had to be a collective act, a collective hit. To go along with it, there had to be something in it for the GOP establishment.

Lastly, where does Trump fit in all of this? Could the hit on Zhou be used to justify a fake prosecution of Trump, in a desperate attempt to derail his political operations? Tit for tat, fair is fair—ignoring the very clear differences? We’ll need to wait on events. But this much seems beyond question: Zhou is a dead man walking, in political terms.



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