Embarrassing media gushing as Massachusetts inaugurates first female, first openly gay governor with ‘all-female leadership team’

 You’d almost think, based on the media coverage in Boston, that the Messiah had showed up in the Massachusetts State House to be inaugurated as governor, not Maura Healey. Despite the inability of Supreme Court Justice Brown Jackson to be sure what a woman is, the media are trumpeting the “Historic Day” and just can’t stop congratulating Bay State voters on their wisdom in electing her, with extra special bonus points for her being a lesbian. These screengrabs from WBZ-TV, CBS Boston complete with "Historic Day" plastered over the video and smug grins from the talking heads express the masturbatory pleasure in seeing their agenda realized.

CBS Boston screengrabs

Healey sworn in (photo cropped from C-SPAN video)

And for extra- extra-special bonus points, she had her inaugural party at the Boston Garden with a famous lesbian activist singer, 5-time Grammy winner Brandi Carlile performing. Can you savor the glamour?

If you can only stand one gushing piece, check out the Boston Globe’s non-paywalled coverage reprinted in MSN.com:

There’s the story of how Healey’s ancestors landed on a river bank in Newbury, some three centuries ago. How, like so many others, they left behind what they knew for the unknown, living off promises of hope — with no guarantees — for life in America.

There’s the story of how Healey’s great-great-grandfather grew up in Newburyport and how, at age 16, he had his father sign a permission slip so he could march off with the Union Army to fight in the Civil War.

And there’s also the story about how Healey’s grandparents met on the docks of Gloucester one summer some time ago, as her grandmother attended nursing school and her grandfather worked at General Electric.

But the story told most Thursday was this one: How Massachusetts, drafting a new chapter in its 400-plus-year-long history, ushered in Healey as the first woman elected to lead the commonwealth.

Healey knows it well.

“I assume this office with humility — mindful of the weight of history and lightened by the gift of gratitude,” Healey, wearing “suffragette white” at the dais, said in her inaugural address. “It is the honor of my life to lead this state.”

In fact, there were [sic] a wave of historic firsts.

Funny, I remember when Alaska inaugurated a female governor who, like Healey, had been a point guard in women’s basketball in school, and there was nary a ripple of positive media coverage of her, even (actually, especially) when she exploded on the national scene as a vice presidential nominee. Of course, Sarah Palin didn’t go to Harvard the way Healey did, and she was emphatically heterosexual, a mother, and unreservedly expressed her attraction to her husband. Most of all, she was a Republican.

For all I know, Governor Healey will be a decent Democrat in office, though the nature of the contemporary donkey party does not encourage optimism. Joe Battenfeld of the Boston Herald writes:

Gov. Maura Healey struck a note of clear-eyed realism as she took the reins of office, noting residents fleeing the state due to high taxes and housing costs and acknowledging “people are tired” from battling COVID-19.

 But if the media keep forcing lesbian chic on me and celebrating the exclusion of males from her administration, it won’t be easy for me to regard her favorably.

Hat tip: Peter Barry Chowka

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