Does EV 'roads' scholar Pete Buttigieg know what he's talking about?

Pete Buttigieg, the Rhodes scholar who's Joe Biden's secretary of transportation, is a guy who knows it all.

In response to all the carping from the public about high gas prices at the pump, Buttigieg had the solution right there for them.



According to Chris Queen at PJMedia:

“Clean transportation can bring significant cost savings for the American people as well,” Buttigieg said in a speech. “Last month, we announced a $5 billion investment to build out a nationwide electric vehicle charging network so that people from rural to suburban to urban communities can all benefit from the gas savings of driving an EV.”

This wasn't the only time the transportation secretary hailed the purchase of electric vehicles as the solution to high gas prices. He got even louder about it as 2022 progressed, in this video here:




Here's the latest report from PJMedia's Queen, who found the Buttigieg claims to be ignorant tripe:

 It just so happens that, for now, it’s actually cheaper to drive 100 miles in a gas-powered vehicle, also known as an internal combustion engine (ICE), than in an electric vehicle.

Ryan Erik King at Jalopnik reports that “a recent report from the Anderson Economic Group (AEG) found that fueling costs from mid-priced ICE-powered vehicles are lower than similarly priced electric vehicles. Combustion drivers pay about $11.29 per 100 miles on the road. EV drivers who charge up at home spend about $11.60 per 100 miles.”

It gets even more delicious when you take into account those commercial chargers that pop up in a lot of places.

“The price difference is more dramatic for those who mainly recharge at stations,” King writes. “Frequent charging station users pay $14.40 per 100 miles.”



That's strike three for electrical vehicles. Not only are they significantly more expensive than gas-powered cars, they are less greendirtier and more exploitative of labor than gas-powered cars, the latter of which are usually made by "good union labor."

Now we learn that EVs are pricier to fill up, too, sealing their reputation as a rich-man's plaything. Three strikes indeed.

Yet Buttigieg and his followers have spent months telling us just how much brighter he is than the rest of us. 

He botches everything he comes in contact with -- from the supply chain crush, to the baby formula shortage, to the airline slowdown. Now his claims about the virtues of electric cars is up for the big flush, taking down his credibility even more.

Is this guy an idiot or what? Does he even know what he's talking about? He shouldn't be in the job he's in, given how little he so obviously knows.

Image: Twitter screen shot

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